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I've posted messages before about these beautiful kittens,but I'm drained of finances and am hoping somebody can provide a home for these little ones!

I have three 4 1/2 month old kittens...two black males (Choco and Lil' Man) and a dark torti female (Sweet Pea). I'm looking for permanent,indoor only,loving homes! I can direct the adoptive parents to a spay/neuter foundation in town to purchase certificates for a local vet where all fees are discounted! I am very low on funds and room as I also have a 4 week old litter of six kittens,the two mothers (whom I'm trying to save money to spay ASAP) and our own 4 cats and one kitten. I've gotten myself in over my head,but refuse to believe that I cannot find great homes for these little ones. I've contacted area adoption agencies and no kill shelters and theyre all FULL!

Please if you know of someone who would be a good parent for one of these kittens...send them my way if you can!!!!

Sweet Pea is very talkative and has no problem keeping her brothers in line! Choco is the larger of the two males and is very loving and insists on sleeping at my side under the covers. Lil' Man is the quiet,playful boy that is curious about everything and if he could get away without naps he would! All the kittens are used to lots of love and affection and with all that's been going on used to older cats (our oldest,Chandler, is very fickle).

Feel free to contact me here or at my email address,I live in Middletown,Ohio (about halfway between Cincinnati and Dayton).