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Maternity Leave

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That's it! Tomorrow is the big day! We have a c-section planned for tomorrow morning, so if all goes well, we should have little Ron in out arms tomorrow!

So, as of tonight I've set my email autoreponders and I'm saying goodbye to all my online friends.

While I'm away, Sandie will take my place as administrator of the forums. Hers will be the final word in any questions that may arise. She has full access to the administrating panel, so if you have any technical problem, or any forum related question, please PM or email her.

I hope everything will be peaceful here while I'm away

I should be back at home by the end of this week or the beginning of next week. I will try to keep in touch through hubby (Alpha), hopefully he'll be able to access the internet sometime this week.

I'll miss you all! See you all next week!

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Good luck with the new baby, Anne! How exciting! Be sure to post his picture as soon as you can. We can't wait to see him!
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Oh Anne, I'm so excited for you!!! About this time, I guess you almost have Ron in your arms!! I pray for a very safe and happy arrival!!!
Lots of Hugs and Love sent your way!!! :teddy: :teddy:

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Anne, I wish you the best of luck with your delivery tomorrow. Try to relax. I know its easier said than done, but trust me, the more you relax the less you will feel. Not to mention, its healthier for you and the baby!!!!!!!!!!! Post pics as soon as you can, and we cannot wait for you to return!!!
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Yeah Anne! Our prayers are with you...by the way, Jocelyn is such a beautiful name
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Beautiful name, but for a boy??? hahahaha!

His name is Ron...Like his Daddy

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Anne...my thoughts and prayers will be with you all day tomorrow, and I hope you get lots of rest afterwards....I am so happy for you!!!!
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Yay! I hope all goes well tomorrow, try to relax! I can't wait to see pics! Congrats!
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I am sending positive thoughts and prayers toward you and your family!
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another man in the world!!! Get him on here ASAP..we need some help.:LOL:

Seriously tho..I'm praying for the best for all your family. We love you.
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If he's anything like my little girl, he'll be playing on the computer at 18 months and online by 3 years old! And he'll love to see all the pictures of the kitties we post.

Good luck with everything and speedy recovery!

Hope to see pictures of your son soon!
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Good luck Anne, I will be thinking of you. Everything will be fine, take care of yourself and can't wait to see the pictures. Soon you will be a new Mom!
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Well you've probably had baby Ron by now...I hope that everything went well and we look forward to your return. Post pictures when you can. :teddy:
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Wow Anne good luck hope everything goes well....will be thinking of you - take care and see you next week
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Good luck, Anne! I hope everything went well for you, since it's January 31st! :teddy: :daisy:
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