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Belle and Annie

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Hey all. Got a thinker for you. As yall know, Belle has CH. Well, she's been getting better, but she had a bad day today. She was doing fine up until Annie got a little too rough with her, and stressed her out. We believe she might have mini strokes of some sort, and we believed Annie did when she was little, too. Anyway, I believe that Annie could've caused it by getting too rough and stressing her. Here's getting to the point....
Annie starts out playing nicely with Belle. Then, she gets rougher and rougher, until she gets too rough, and Belle begins to growl and hiss. The problem is, Annie's deaf... she doesn't hear this, and doesn't know to stop. Belle can't fight her off, because she's too weak from her condition. I can't really keep them separated, without it being somewhat mean to Belle. I can't keep an eye on them 24/7 either. I have work, I have things to do, too. I just don't know what to do. Does anyone know any kind of training methods for deaf cats?

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Hmmm..this is interesing, and it recommends a flashlight for deaf cats. I'll keep thinking...
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