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Goodbye R-2

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R-2 was our 23 year old clinic cat, that came to us after being hit by a car (when he was a kitten) and being left with us because his owners couldn't pay the bill. I went to feed him yesterday (we are closed on sunday's) and knew it was time when I saw him just laying in his bed, not trying to greet me. I called in the vet and the head technician (who was his primary caretaker) and they helped him in a peaceful passing (he usually fought anything we ever tried to do to him, but last night he laid quietly and purred). He will be missed by all of us and many clients who have come to enjoy him over the years.
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23 years old!? That is such a long time. Good for you guys for taking such wonderful care of him. I'm sorry for your loss. It sounds like R-2 was much loved.

Rest in Peace R-2
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Wow! What a remarkable cat to have lived 23 years! And for you and your friends to have cared for him that long is also remarkable. I am sure he will be missed, but I am sure he is thankful he came into your lives a long, long time ago!
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What a lucky kitty to have been loved so well for so long. RIP R2, sweet boy.
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what amazing life R-2 has had - 23 years of it. Wow thats just great and is a testimont to how much he was loved

RIP R-2 - you will be deeply missed little one. Enjoy those angel wings
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Oh good grief, i really hope i have Rosie and Sophie for that length of time.

What a caring team to have looked after R-2 all those years

RIP R-2 run free over the bridge with your new lease of life
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Thank you all so much.
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What a loss for your clinic, staff and clients alike. Condolences on this loss. I'm sure he will be greatly missed!
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Very sorry for your loss, wow 23 years old!, that is a good old age.
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We really wish we had kept better records,on his age. The head tech will have been there 25 years in April of '06, and she says he came as a kitten within about a year of her being there, so he may have been older, we just don't know.
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I´m so sorry for the decease of condolences...

RIP little R2..
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I am so sorry that you lost R-2. But what a blessing that you had him for such a long time. Play at the bridge until your loved ones come R-2. Hugs to you and his other people friends.
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What an amazing kitty R-2 was.
He brought joy to so many people for so long...
it was time for him to rest.
R.I.P. sweet deserve it.
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I'm so sorry you lossed R-2. What a wonderful long life he lived! He must of been one very happy kitty and very much loved. RIP R-2
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