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Is She Close?

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My darling kitty, Tiara, had gotten out of the house, she torn the screen out the window a couple of times and when we got up she was gone! This happened twice, and we thought if she had gotten pregnant it would be the second time, which was a month later then the first time. This would be around the first week of Oct. for the kittens to come. Two weeks ago, she started eating like crazy, not trying to get outside, and you could notice her nipples. Thursday she tore the screen again and got out...she was missing four days. Our neighbor found her in her back yard, and said everytime she would bring her home, she would put her on the steps of our house, and she would run back to her back yard. At first she was acting funny, trying to get back outside again...when I put her in our bedroom she calmed down. Now she has just a light downy fur on her belly, and her nipples are sticking out...You can feel the babies moving in her belly...She had been in my room seven hours sleeping straight. Any iteas on how close she is?
Thanks a bunch

Ps. She will be fixed after this litter is not feeding off her anymore..
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Hi and welcome to TCS. I sincerely hope your visits here will be both informative and fun!

This thread may be of assistance to you:


And as always, if after reading it you still have questions, please feel free to post them here. Someone knowledgable is normally always around.

With regard to your girl, it is difficult at best and impossible at worst to say how far along she may be, but given your calculations as to the dates, it would be my guess that she is about halfway along - 4 or 5 weeks. How long have you been feeling the babies move? You can normally begin to feel their movement at around this time, but if you have been feeling them moving around for a week or so, adjust to compensate.

Now, of course, you will have to keep her inside where she is safe and can have access to her nesting box. Have you begun to set one up for her? Has your vet seen her yet to assess her condition? If you haven't had her in, now is a good time to get her in to be seen.

Hope this helps a little,

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