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Lost Tigger and Jazz in same day

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After moving out of my mom and dad's house, I left my 5 babies with them to take care of while I went off to college. They live in the country and my five sweeties ran free in the country during the day and would come in the house at night for protection from coyotes. My mom called me one afternoon back in May of this year to inform me that Tigger was not waiting on the porch to come in with the other four cats. He had been there religiously for the last four years. This was their routine and they knew it well.

My dad is a pet lover and so he began to search for Tigger the next morning since he did not show up. I was beside myself and said that I would come to their house and help in the search. I was extremely busy and my dad continued to search day in and day out. It was a Tuesday that he did not show up at the porch. On Thursday, I made it to mom and dad's house and began calling for Tigger all over the yard. I went inside and noticed that my 12 pound female, Jazz, did not act like she felt well, but I just thought she was being lazy. My calling and searching for Tigger was to no avail. I returned to their house on Friday to search my dad's storage building where Tigger sometimes hid out. I first went to look in on Jazz and I noticed that her eyes were very weak. I picked her up and set her on the floor to see if she was weak. She fell over and could not stand. I called for my dad and we rushed her to our vet. She always meowed and that is why I named her Jazz. Thinking I would take her home that afternoon or the next day, I did not hold her at the clinic, but rather left her in her carrier. Our wonderful vet examined her and gave me some terrible news. She said that she thought from they symptoms, that Jazz was suffering from cytozoonosis, a 99% fatal blood disease contracted from ticks. She said that she would try everything she could to save her. I kissed Jazz and cried as we left the clinic. We returned to mom and dad's to continue the search for Tigger. I was determined more than ever to find him. After moving boxes around in the storage building for about 20 minutes, my dad heard a faint meow. We frantically began looking behind everything and there he was. I began to cry profusely because I really thought he was dead. I could tell by looking at him that he was very, very sick and weak. We rushed back to the vet clinic with Tigger. Our vet met me at the front door b/c she saw how upset I was. She took one look at this little weak, sickly fur ball and told me that she really thought that Tigger was also suffereing from the same blood disease. I did not understand how this could be. She said that it was rare in our area and that the probabilities of more than one cat from the same household contracting the disease was very slim.

The vet called me the next morning and told me that she had lost Tigger during the night. I told her to call me as soon as she knew something about Jazz. She called during the evening hours of the same day and told me that she had also lost Jazz. This happened approximately 3 months ago and I still have breakdowns about once a week. I miss them so much. How could that happen? Then about one month ago, two of my dogs died on the same day. I actually could not believe that this could happen to any one person.

I just hope that I will reunite with them all again in heaven. I firmly believe that God will have all of them there waiting on me.

Missing my precious babies,
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It is always so difficult to lose them. And to lose more than one, really tests your strength and your courage. Chances are, they laid down together outside and the ticks got them. Perhaps there was a genetic reason behind the two coming down ill from the same thing.

I am sorry you lost them. There are so many dangers for outside cats anymore it is hard to fathom sometimes how even ferals make it for as long as they do.
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Condolences on the loss of Jazz and Tigger. Please ask your vet if you can use some tick repellent for the other cats, if it would help. I am sorry for the loss of your dogs, too. It is so difficult to love these beautiful creatures, who have a shorter lifespan than we do. And of course, the joys of cats outside is tempered by them often having less time with us.

I lost two beloved barn cats last summer, Angel and Spot. It is very difficult, to have such a hole in your heart. I hope time helps you heal.

Remember, having a little crying jag to mourn a lost friend, is not a break down. It is just a part of the grieving process. The time will come when you can think about the happy memories as well, and you will know that while you will never get "over" the loss, you will be able to remember Jazz and Tigger, and the dogs, with a fond smile.

Spot used to sit on my shoulder, like a parrot! And she left a mouse for dh every day. And sweet Angel was born here, the only kitten we kept. She lived her whole life here on our farm, except for short trips to the vet when needed.

Condolences on your multiple losses!
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I'm very sorry for your losses. Losing one beloved friend is hard, losing two so closely together must be heartbreaking.
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oh sweetheart, how my heart weeps for you for the loss of not one, but two of your precious babies. It surely would test your strength to then be confronted by the loss of 2 dogs not long after.

Tigger & Jazz know how much you loved them, how you would do anything to have them back in your arms again - they know that, and they ARE waiting for you at the bridge so that one day you can finish the journey together, as one. I strongly believe that.

RIP Tigger & Jazz - run through the fields together
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Poor babies I am so, so sorry for the sadness of having to through two losses

RIP Tigger and Jazz have fun over the bridge together
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