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The feral I call Grey, and now what to do?

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Here's the story......

As we pulled into our driveway one late summer evening last year, a cat jumped out of my garbage can and took off running. I am a sucker for strays... I knew it was hungry, so I put some food out. I put food out for a month or so, and I watched behind my patio door, all night, to make it was the cat eating the food, and not a coon, or possum. This cat was extremly feral. Another month went by, and I stayed behind the glass, but made myself known. Then I opened the glass, and was only behind the screen. I eventually made it outside, and he would come eat only if I stayed about 6 ft away, and would take off if I tried to come closer. I thought it was odd, because sometimes he seemed to know me and trust me, and others, not a chance. Anyhow, it turned out that there were actually two cats who looked exactly the same, and it was only till I saw them both together that I figured that out. So, I set out two plates of food. When I started feeding both of them, they would come together, but then they started to fight with each other. I suspected both of them toms, but brothers. It happened that one ran the other off, and he never came back. Unfortunately, he was hit by a car and passed away. Grey and I got closer, and he started to trust me, I was finally able to pet him. He was still very skiddish. I was able to get him to the vet and get him fixed. He recovered nicely, and I had set up an area in my garage with blankets because winter had come and it was so cold. I felt so bad for him. I finally decided to bring him in, and that took some doing. It took a week or more of me coaxing him. I kept him in my bedroom, away from the other animals because he is a serious fighter. I finally had to put him in a huge dog kennel in my bedroom, because he was peeing all over the place. In the morning, I would make him go outside, unless it was bitterly cold out. In the kennel, he would use the litter box, but otherwise, he'd pee and/spray everywhere. When it started warming up, I put him outside. I had to get the urine out of my room, the smell was so bad. Anyhow, I set him up in the garage again, and put a fan out there for him. Poor thing, he wants back in the house, but I can't have him peeing all over the place and he will not get along with my other cats. He's fine with the dogs, but he is viscous with the other cats. He's lost weight because it's been so hot to eat this summer, and I feel very bad that I can't bring him in. Is there *anyway* I can get him to stop peeing everywhere, and is there anyway he will ever get along with my inside cats? I still don't totally trust him, but I feel really bad for him. Was I wrong to bring him in during the bitter cold winter? In the long run, I feel like I helped him out, but I think I also hurt him because now he's wanting to be indoors and I can't have him inside for the above reasons. Will the nuetering mellow him out and will he lose his urge to fight?
Any advice is welcome!

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Thank you for helping him as much as you have, but you need to get him neutered now, rather than later. It will eventually stop him from fighting, and if you don't get him neutered, then you best just release him now to live outside, because otherwise you will have an aggressive, ticked off spraying male in this garage and he and you will be miserable. He neds to be tested for diseases, get neutered, and then you either can re-release him or eventually merge him into your home, but that won't happen overnight
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I did get him neutered.... He's been fixed for a few months now.
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Do you know anyone else who could adopt him?

Does he have any nice sort of shelter for the hot summer days outside?

I think in the long run you have helped him.
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Sometimes just neutering/spaying will not help the spraying. Did you discuss the problem with your vet? There might be some drugs you can try to mellow him out a bit and possibly stop the spraying. I guess if I were in your position and had tried everything, I would let him be an outside cat and provide him with shelter in the garage overnight during winter months ?
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Sorry I must have missed that when I read your post. He won't stop spraying for at least 6 months, and then perhaps he won't at all. If he has been able to mate, he won't be able to stop the ingrained habits of a male especially during kitten season. But time will tell-
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Thanks for your replies everyone. No, I don't know anyone who would take him in. I'm not sure I trust him around other people, and for sure not around other cats. He has a bed in my garage and sleeps in there. I have a fan set up for him running all the time, so he has a breeze when it's really hot.
I don't know if he's ever mated, but I would assume he has in the past. He's not a young cat, so he's been on his own for quite awhile.
He tries to attack my cats through the glass, every night. He will bang himself up against the glass and try to attack through the glass. He's fine with the dogs. I just don't trust him not to pee or spray, and now that I finally have that smell gone, I don't want to deal with it again. I may end up bringing him in when it's cold out and putting him straight in the kennel for the night and let him back out again in the morning. That is a little inconvenient, cause then they try to fight through the kennel all night long, and if I shut my cats out of the room, they scratch at the door and carpet all night and drive us crazy. Either way, we get no sleep. I'll keep on doing what I do for him, and pray he doesn't get hit by a car like his brother. Thanks again for the replies.
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Grey is gorgeous! Bless you for helping him out! It is too bad that he wants inside only to terrorize your other cats. How odd that he's fine with the dogs; it speaks well for your dogs - your dogs must really respect you! I understand your frustration - I have a rescue that I've had to put outside because she keeps peeing all over the house (she's ruined my mattress). The vet suggested that since I have a large place out in the country; it's a territorial thing, since we've gotten thru the kidney problems ok. I also feel badly; she's used to being a housecat, but once she got attached to me, she began trying to usurp Joey as my "main cat". She would also torment Icy & Cindy. Guess they just have to put up with being outside. At least they have the garages as safe havens. Why can't they just learn to get along???
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He usually sleeps all day in the garage, and at night he comes out and sits on my patio right at the doorwall, watching inside, and meowing. I do go out there several times a night and pet him. At night, I ususally bring my dogs out one by one, to go potty and he socializes with them. But when he senses we are done outside, and turn to leave, he will bat at my legs/feet, and do the same to the dogs. It's like he's mad that we are leaving him. One night, one of my cats ran out the door, and I was so scared her and Grey would get into in, because they have before. I stayed up all night long, and Cleo, she was not coming in, so all I could do was to wait until she was ready to come in. Anyhow, her and Grey never fought at all that night, and they were near each other all night. Cleo under the car and Grey on my patio. Hopefully, that is a good sign that maybe neutering is mellowing him out.
I don't feel so bad about him being outside in nice weather, but I can't sleep at night knowing he's out in the cold.
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