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still no kittens

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Well I posted on Friday about my prego cat Dora. She is still having a little bit of discharge but it is not very much. Just little drops every now and then. She was acting kind of funny but now seems pretty normal except she has been sleeping more than she normally does. I guess she is just tired from carring all those kittens around. She has been sleeping in her box I put out for her so I guess that is good. Last night I thought we would be having kittens because she was wandering around from place to place and seemed very nervous but then nothing. Also last night she kind of made a noise like she was going to get sick. Kind of like a dry heave but then she was fine. She did that like 4 times. I just really don't know what to think. I am hoping it will be soon because I have to be out of town all day Saturday so I really hope she has them before then. Also she had a little bit of dirrahea last night. Not bad or anything. I did call the vet today and they said she should be having them soon and they were not worried because she isn't overdue. I guess I will just have to wait and see. Also if anyone has any input on any other things to look for for labor sings I would love to hear them

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Oh, it is so hard to wait! I don't have any advice, having only had two litters since April 04. Just try to be patient, and keep in touch with the vet!
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Yes it has been extreamly hard to wait. I am just really hoping nothing goes wrong. I just worry so much about her since she is such a small cat. Since I posted earlier all she has done is slept. She slept all day. Normally she is up for at least a little while. Her stomach has been twitching today also and that is a new thing so I am hoping soon!! I will keep you all updated.
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The waiting can be difficult! But, if it is at all true that misery loves company, please know that I am on Day 64 now with my girl, Lexus. I have taken the entire week off from work (I am self-employed so this isn't as big of a deal as it sounds) and gotten in enough groceries that I don't need to go again until late in the week. I just hate the thought of leaving the house now since Lexus is due at any time.

Remember to breathe,

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I too have the whole week off until I have to leave town Saturday. I didn't take the week off but it just ended up that I didn't have to work so I am really hoping she has the kittens before I have to go back to work. I am really expecting her to have them while I am gone Saturday because that is generally how things work.

Hope everything goes good for you. Hopefully we will both have baby kittens soon!!!
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Awwww, our babies can share a birthday! I like that thought! My husband is off for the upcoming Labor Day holiday from Friday through next Tuesday, so even if Lex doesn't have the babies, at least he will be at home and I can run the normal errands - he can always call my cell phone if I need to come home and since I won't be going too far, it isn't a problem to get back here quickly.
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I am really hoping Dora doesn't have them while I am at work because there is no way I can leave. I work in a little country store so I am the only one there. I will be really upset if I miss the whole thing just because I am at work. On a good note she is acting funny tonight. She has been wandering all around poking in all the closets and under the beds and stuff so maybe she is getting close. I can only hope.

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