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Another "peeing problem" thread.

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I know.... we have enough of these threads but, I am sad and need to vent.

Zeke is an 11 month old Bengal. He suddenly started peeing in the strangest spots. In the dirty laundry, on plastic bags, on wire, on air matresses, on the kids bean bags, etc. He still uses his box too, but not all the time.

Dave has about had it with him. I am tired from spending the entire night cleaning the house to get the smell out. I ran four loads of laundry at 4:30am. I made him a vet appointment today. He goes on Wednesday. I have this feeling that they will tell me he doesn't have a UTI though. Zeke has been a handfull since I got him. That's one of the reasons I am so in love with this kitten.

I went and bought a non ammonia (sp?) based citrus pet smell remover spray. I bought two extra litter boxes. I have read all there is on these boards regarding this problem. I went to PetSmart to buy Feliway but I can't really afford it until Friday. I have to save what I have for this vet bill.

There have been a lot of changes to Zekes life lately. We moved into a new house that is requiring constant remodeling. Zeke is not the type to be scared of noise and smells though he usually gets right into whatever you are doing. He is loud and "talks" all the time.

Jesse James got neutered last week. Maybe it was having a whole male in the house that set Zeke off? Jesse James was 5 months old when we got him fixed.

So I guess I just needed to vent a little. I want my pain in the a#$ kitten back, not this unexplainable kitten. I don't want everyone mad at him. He is really getting on everyones nerves.

Wish me luck that we can figure this out before everyone gets mad at him.

At least I have this entire week off so I can monitor him closer than normal.

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Sending good vibes Bobbie! Hope whatever is upsetting Zeke goes away!
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Thanks. I hate to say it, but I hope it's a UTI mainly because then I will know what is wrong. If it's not, we will go with the vets advice.

Tomorrow is "vet day".

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Ask for the vet to do a needle draw from the bladder that is the most accurate way
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