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Very odd behavior in my cat

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I am the fairly new owner of an orange male cat. He was a stray who found me about 2 months ago. Took him to the vet and got him fixed and he's very healthy now. He was very skinny when I found him. Anyhow, he's got some very odd behavior that I've never seen in a cat.
The first thing is, he licks. God does he lick! If you try to pet him, he will insist on licking you. If you push his mouth away, he will continue to lick the air and push himself on whatever exposed skin you have. Every night, at least one family member is awaken to him standing on our chest, licking our face. He gets annoyed when you push him off, and is quite persistant. Licking... or trying to ... takes up quite a bit of his day.

The second thing is this: He loves to play with toys. Any kind of toy. But what's weird is, he will bat something around, then stand still, walk backward, and then he will position himself so his butt is directly above it, and he will sit on whatever it is. He does this ALL the time. We have this stuffed ball, a bit bigger than a tennis ball, and he will place his butt right over it and sit down and stay that way. What is this all about?? lol He has even went butt to butt with my dog and climbed backward up my dogs back to 'sit' on him. That was pretty weird!!

Anyone else have a cat that does this?
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I'm laughing about him sitting on his toys - LOL
I've never heard that before.

My cat is a huge licker. I understand. I see it as affection, because she does it when she seems pretty content.

All cats have their own particular quirks, you now know what your cat's quirks are now!

Wish I had something useful to tell you. I just accept cats as individuals...and dont thing much on their quirks
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That is pretty funny I don't have any that do that but there's plenty of things they do, like hide toys from each other They go upstairs jump the gate, get a bigole toy like a beenie baby jump back over the gate and bring it downstairs holding there heads up so as not to drag that toy, and they actually think they can hide one that big Hey they are all so different funny funny babies, all I can say is it's pretty good when they bring down the one I sent them for There funny and smart
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One cat has a toe fetish - he will lick any exposed toe if he is happy. He even licked a visitor's toe once when he was happy. LOL

Another cat likes to sit on toys, other cats - anything she wants to start a fight with. Funny seeing her walk over to one of the other cats and just plop her butt (in a sitting position) right down on their head.
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It is funny to watch..lol... I guess all cats have one thing or another that is 'odd' about them. My one black cat has to lick our wet toes when we come from the shower. I thought that was odd! lol

This new orange guy, had been chased up a tree three times in one day. I felt so bad for him. He was so skinny,and had been digging in people's trash for a few days, so of course, I put some food out for him and he literally inhaled it. Wasn't sure how he would get along indoors with 2 female cats, esp. since he hadn't been fixed, but he's fixed now, and gets along great.. and no spraying!! Thank god!
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Elliot, my three year old orange boy, has an armpit fetish. Thats pretty common though...

Aerowyn ... however... has an elbow fetish O_O Anywhere an exposed elbow is she will lick it. It is the weirdest thing ever.

Haha I can just imagine a cat climbing up a dog backwards and sitting on him. THat would be something to tape and send in to planets funniest animals or something.
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