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This is sooo exciting!

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I just got an awesome present last night from my bestest friend in the world!

Last night I went to her house for dinner and she said she had a HUGE present for me.

That got me wondering.

And on the way home, I was wondering where this present was. Yeah typical me!

Then she told me about it. WOW!

We are going to Hamilton in October. We have first class tickets to the Rocky Horror Rock Opera there. Die hard fans of this will know that Richard OBrien got the idea of the song 'Late Night Double Feature Picture Show' from the late night double feature picture show there in Hamilton. He was raised in Tauranga but went to Hamilton when he finished school. So NZ was an inspiration for the movie/play.

Anyway, this is not the best part.

The best part is this - we will be meeting Richard OBrien, Patricia Quinn and Little Nell there - they will be there! And Hopefully a little more surprises there. We have backstage passes for this also! I am soooo excited! I can't wait!
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How wonderful!!

Sounds like it will be a good time
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Congrats Kellye, I hope you don´t forget to bring your camera!!
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Wow! What a fantastic surprise Kellye. I hope you have a great time
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Awesome! Guess what? I'm going to Auckland in October!

At least in October it wont be too foggy up there! You know how awful Hamilton gets.

I hope you have a great time! Lucky you!
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