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Georgie talks alot! Why?

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My black cat, less than a year old, George is very talkative. He isn't as bad as he was when he was a kitten. But he talks constantly. If somone approaches him, he will start to meow, at that person. Usually me. I'll lay next to him, and look at him and he'll start to meow. And at night, he bellows. He lets long, deep meows out at night.

And, he runs away from people. On occasion he'll allow me to go and pick him up and rub him, but he runs away from most people.

Why? Can anyone help me?
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Zorey, Georgie just might be shy. My Cassie is social with my boyfriend and I, our vet tech (who I am a CONVINCED she has a crush on), a lady who watches her when we go away, and one of my girlfriends. She runs and hides when ANY stranger comes into the mix, even if she knows most of the people in the circle.

As for the deep meows, is he declawed? I know my old cat, Cody, was declawed and he was extremely chatty but also, let out these deep howls at night. I was 6 y/o when he was declawed and I remember a distinct change in his personality even THEN, now that I am older and know more about the declawing process, I wondered if that had anything to do with his howls?
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Is George fixed? If so, then he might just be a very talkative cat. I love talkative cats!
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X3.. No, George is not declawed, but he is fixed. I love to know that he likes to talk because it gives me some reassurance that he's doing okay, although I won't lie. It always seemed like he was asking for somthing, or looking for somthing.
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I had a big orange cat who was always a talker. He'd talk to me while he fell asleep. If I accidently woke him up, he'd start all over again. Every once in a while, he'd make a loud "calling" sound. I was never sure whether he was looking for the other cat or one of us. He made those noises during the day. You said he mostly yowls at night...do you have nightlights? It's possible that he's trying to reassure himself as to where he is or where you are. But some cats are just extremely chatty.
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Zoey is a little chatter box ... Its just how she is she is guard kitty has to know where everyone is at all times... You just likely have a talker ...
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Both of mine are Yappers.

You can always listen to your cat more you know...

you might actually hear what your cat wants.

Its a funny thing to freak people out with....
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Somtimes when I come into my bedroom, and George is just waking up. He'll sit in the middle of my floor, and just look at me, meowing like a psychopath. I love him so much though.

Oh, does anyone know why he licks my feet at night? x3
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