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how to train to use scratching post?

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If any of you remembered, I posted a few days back about my new cat that was scared of humans? Anyway, she's improved so much She's still quite scared of us but not so much. She doesn't hide anymore, and she tries to come close to us but still seem to have her doubts and keeps her distance. She's really so adorable. I bought a scratching post for her since she started scratching on the furniture. The problem is I don't know how to get her to use it.

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There's a few things you can do. The best place to put them is near where they sleep or eat. This is when they tend to scratch the most. You can also put catnip, catnip spray or treats on the post. You can also show her how to use it. When she is near the post, you can scratch it yourself. When she scratches the furniture, clap or make a loud noise and say no. Then take her over to the post where the treats are
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You can hang her toys off the post to entice her to scratch. You also will need to experiment with what type of post attracts her. My cats love the cheap cardboard scratchers you can put on the floor or hang on doorknobs. If she starts to scratch your furniture shout at her really loud CLAWS! and then pick her up and take her over to where other posts are offered. if you buy the big flat of eggs- 5 dozen total, those cardboard inserts make lovely scratching posts as well, just toss them on the floor and the kitties attack them. Good luck
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Well, for me, scratching it myself worked best. Also keep it in an area that they hang out in a lot. I also read that if they just aren't getting the idea, you can turn it on it's side and run a stringy toy up and down it to get their attention.
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