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Cats +babies=silly question

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Hi everybody!

Upon suggestion, I'm asking this question here (it is also in the New Cats...)section. I am wondering - is there anybody on here who has managed to get pregnant and have children while having many indoor cats? We have six of them, and although children are not an immediate goal, my husband and I are thinking about it! If I were to get pregnant, would I have an increased risk for toxoplasmosis (I don't do ANY litter stuff, husband does) or any other disease? And, will small children be more likely to get sick? Or, will my furbabies freak out and start peeing everywhere?
I would hate to forgo having human children because of my plethora of cats! Anyone with any info, please fill me in - I'd be so appreciative!

Just so I don't look completely crazy, three of them are rescues from near death, and we know how they can crawl into your heart...

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When I was born my parents had 4 indoor cats. I think all the fuss about cats and kids living in the same house is a bit overrated. I never had any feline related medical issues.

As long as you keep the litter box clean and out of babies reach, as well as cat food etc you should be fine.

As far as the kitties adjusting, I would treat it the way you would if you were bringing a new baby home to other children.
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I had cats before I had kids. Just don't clean the litter while pregnant! It will do your children to be some good. Experts say that children that are born and raised with animals have less allergies and less health problems, I guess it strenthens the imune system. However, my female cat seemed a little resentful to me while I was pregnant, I guess she sensed something. But about a month after the baby was born, she came around. But when the baby is born, the room where it sleeps will have to be off limits temporarily to the cats, since the cat won't know that it cannot sleep with the baby and can accidently suffocate it, Cats don't do it on purpose, they just like to snuggle up to someone warm, but that could be very harmful to a newborn. So begin preparing an area that is offlimits where the crib would be far in advance so that the cats learn ahead of time and don't get upset by it. I have now a 6 year old and a 2 year old, and they love their little furballs, and the little furballs love them. Good Luck, maybe soon you will have a bunch of furbies and rugrats playing with each other!!!!!!!
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We have 14 kits and plan on having a little kit of our own as soon as it happens. two dogs here as well. and not one of our kits is going anywhere I think as long as you keep a tidy house and dont clean boxes while preg. you should be fine. I think the thing about cats and babies is all a bunch of whooey i had a dog growing up. (my mom disliked cats...she has three now LOL ) and i am fine. funny thing is i am very allergic to cats!

But since i have had them in my home....my allergies have gotten better
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Well way back yonder when I became pregnant, I had 2 cats & my hubby had 1.

I didn't handle the litter box while pregnant; as soon as I found out (I was about 12 weeks along when I took the test!), hubby started scooping the poo & cleaning out the boxes for all 3 cats.

I didn't stop loving on my cats or holding them or anything. I have a picture somewhere of K.C. laying on my swollen pregnant bellly!

I think the only concern is if ya ingest the cat's poop or something. You know, you touch the poop, then stick yer finger in your mouth? Just don't do that! Have your hubs clean out the litter box when / after you get preggers and you should be fine.
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I had two kits when I got pregnant and added a third while my daughter was still a small baby (it just happened that way!) I observed common sense hygiene measures and never had any problems. I know my daughter is now also a cat person!
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As far as I am aware you are far more likely to get toxoplasmosis from meat than your cats litterbox, and it is reduced by having indoor only cats. To be on the safe side though, continue to have your husband do the litter. Furthermore, if you garden you may wanna be careful if anyone outdoor cats have used it. Really though, the risk isn't very large, it's just worth being careful.
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Yay! I apparently have nothing to worry about. Thank you! Another reason to love this site!

I don't worry too much about how my cats will adjust if a baby arrives; it'll probably be similar to how it went when we went from two cats to three, three cats to five, five cats to six..or at least I hope (the familiar enemy is not such a threat)! And we already have an "off limits room" which I use for my beading and plants. May as well become a nursery (but when I say nursery I think of trees...oh, baby stuff is still not my thing, yet)

Thanks again - I will try to get pictures up of my furbabies as soon as I can!
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You are more at risk for tox. from eating raw meat then getting it from your indoor cats (unless THEY eat raw meat). We had 6 or so totally indoor cats when my son was born. No problems with him or the cats.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45
You are more at risk for tox. from eating raw meat then getting it from your indoor cats (unless THEY eat raw meat). We had 6 or so totally indoor cats when my son was born. No problems with him or the cats.
Good to know.
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Sometimes a cat cn get huufy with losing the attention, mine moved to the neighbours when my son started crawling, he'd had enough.
Now my brothers cat used to go and lay right next to my niece and not stress about having fur and ears pulled, big dummy
You will soon find out what your cats think
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We had a kitten and a puppy when I was born and the first thing Mom did after getting me home was to sit in the rocker and let the two smell me. There were no problems after that and when visitors came, they would run under my bassinet and keep an eye on the visitor. One wonders what they would have done if someone tried to hurt me!

Remember the four-legged critters are still your babies and treat them like they are the older siblings. It peeves me the number of people who give up/ignore their pets/babies when they finally have a human baby.

One of the neatest ideas I have seen is installing a screen door to a nursery. It will allow the pets to see you and the infant and take in the smells of the new "kitten".
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My parents had a cat when I was a baby and when my older sisters were babies and everything was fine. My mom said that all the cat did was sniff us when we were brought home the first time and then walk away.

As long as you don't handle the litter box or wear gloves if you must change it, then you shouldn't have a problem. If your cats are indoor only then it is my understanding that you have reduced chances of toxoplasmosis because it is less likely the cat has it.
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