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We're on a diet!

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Well lately we've been discussing our health problems, and finally my husband and I have decided to get serios about loosing some weight. We've decided to go onto weight watchers, and have started getting up early in the morning to excersize everyday!

We've been doing a diet for the past week (not weight watchers, but just a diet) and this weekend, we got the information for starting the weight watchers program! I'm so happy that we're doing this together, hopefully the support will help us both. and not only that, but our friends have started to diet too!

I know it's only been a week, but I'm really starting to feel good about it and i think I've already started to loose some weight. We only got the scale after we started our diet and excersize, so unfortunately I can't be sure if I have. But my clothes are fitting better (and my shoes, oddly ...are loose?)
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So good to hear It's amazing how much more energy exercizing can give you!!
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Sending ((((((((((good vibes)))))))))))) to a good start on diet!
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Good for you Denise I'm on it as well because my Directors daughter gets married next september and it's going to be the mother of all weddings so i want to look good for myself.
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Hurray for you & your hubby! Sounds like you're getting rid of some excess water - that excercise sure helps the kidneys & lymph system out! I have kidney problems, and when my shoes feel tight, it's one of the first signs that I've got to concentrate on my health. Keep up the good work!
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I also have chubby little feet so I wonder if i've lost weight in my feet?
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Denise, You and your Hubby should get a couple of bicycles and if it is doable ride them to work at least a couple times a week. If not then use then for errands and stuff where you might use the car otherwise . I think you will find out that it is pretty easy and you will save money on gas for the car too. Good Luck with it. I've lost around 110-120 this last year so It can be done. I did have surgery though so you gotta take that into account but I do bike around alot. Especially since my van threw a rod last month and I habvent replaced it yet.
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Good luck!!
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Good luck to you both!
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Good luck to you and hubby Denise!!! I've read that when the other spouse is participating, your odds of being able to stick to it go up dramatically!
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Good on youse!

The strange thing - ever since I have been back in NZ, I can feel myself losing weight! My clothes are a lot looser and even my watch is getting a lot looser!

I think its that running aorund I do after my son - he is a great exercise machine! I have been eating junk food but it doesnt make any difference. Maybe its all those bottles of V (guarana drink) that I have been drinking!!!
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Good for you! I have such a hard time exercising and what not. It's very nice that your husban is doing it with you also. My husband is built like his father...tall and very lean. I happen to be more like his mother, shorter and well...curvy? (not obsese or anything, just not thin either) So he can't sympathize very well and working out with him would be soo intimidating! I think it's an awesome plan and I wish you the best of luck!
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You go girl! Very inspiring. I'll be looking for your updates!
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