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Kovu got homed!!!

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I went into work yesterday and went into the kitten room to cuddle my babies and Kovu was gone! Dan said he has gone to a home who adopted a dog from us a few years ago with kids

It seems so long ago now that I brought them home..

And for a few days I never thought this moment would come when he fell ill..

But he was a fighter and never gave up

and he grew into a playful, strong, loveable kitten

I hope the other 2 get silimar loving homes
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That's great news...but it's also always sad to see them go. What a sweetheart
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Awww how wonderful. I'm glad he found a furrever home
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I am glad to see that Kovu has found a home I wish him all the best and I am sure he will make his new family very happy
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What a bitter-sweet day for you. Best wishes for the other two kitties.
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Awwwww bless him I hope he settles in his new home well

I love that last picture with his paw reaching out, it's like he saying "come here and give me a kiss"
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Yay for Kovu!
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Oh, Kovu!! Congrats on your new home, you little sweetheart!
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What a little cutie pie!! I'm glad Kovu got adopted and I hope you'll get the chance to visit him.
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Oh he's such a cutie! I am glad that he has a good home now though! If you weren't able to keep all the babies it's great he can go to a loving home! You stay strong!
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What wonderful news! It was only a matter of time before he stole someone else's heart .
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