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My two boys are 4 months old, indoor only cats. I noticed a few fleas a month ago, gave them frontline and have been brushing with a flea comb daily since. I've found a couple of fleas since, but only about one every week. Both had tapeworms, and I gave them vet meds last week (Panacur). Alfie seemed to clear up straight away and he's been fine since. I've noticed worm segments on Max since I gave him the meds (hoping that it's the worms dieing and being expelled, although they're still wiggling when they come out?), and he's also had diarrhea. He seems to be at the litterbox 5 or 6 times a day, and often it's no more than a wet drip, other times a big wet puddle.

Max is not dehydrated, he's drinking water, eating fine (just plain chicken at the moment with a few kibbles), still running around and climbing the curtains as normal, plenty of energy, plenty of purrs. I haven't changed food recently. They do usually get cat milk in the morning, which I'm now withholding until I can rule it out.

I'm making a vet appointment for tomorrow, but wondered if anyone had any ideas in the meantime?

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Is the Panacur the grains that you put in their food?!.

Sophie was given a dewormer when she first went for her checkup, and she had the runs for a few days week with blood in it, so i was worried and rang the surgery, but they told me that this was normal and she should settle down in a couple of days because it was getting rid of any parasites that might be there.

After a week she did settle down, but if your worried it won't harm seeing the vet again, and i think your right leaving them off the milk, just give them water.
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I tried the grains, but the little toads wouldn't eat the food I mixed it with after the first day! That was when I first got them, about 2 months ago. When I went to get their second shots I mentioned it, and the vet gave me a paste that you feed them, and I seemed to have more luck with it - that was what I gave them last week.

Max has always been fussy with food, won't eat any wet food at all. He gets fresh roast chicken and kibbles normally, so there really hasn't been much change in diet. Vet was happy with that, agreed that the chicken would help get some moisture and extra protein into him.
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Yes thats why i asked if it was the grains because when i just had Rosie i couldn't for the life of me get her to take a pill, so they gave me the grains for her food, but she wasn't stupid either and wouldn't eat it Now i get the vet to give them the de wormers, and she makes it look so easy!

The main thing is that their drinking ok because thats the first thing they asked me when i rang up.
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The last solid poop I found had lots of worm segments in it, and I haven't seen any since either in the diarrhea or on Max himself so fingers crossed it is just his body getting rid of the evil little things! Strange that Alfie has been absolutely fine though, but then he is bigger than his brother.

I wonder if I'll ever be able to get to the stage when I'm not following the poor little kitten to the litter box!
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Both my kittens (4 and 6 months) had a long struggle with diarrhea, they took all kind of medications but even if the worms and all were cleared, they still had diarrhea (for months, actually, it was a horrible time, very stressful)
It turned out they had diarrhea for so long, their bodies had trouble going back to normal. That's when the vet (finally) suggested they switch to Eukaneuba Low residue food for a while. It worked! Like a miracle!lol And now they are okay, I'm in the process to slowly switch them back to regular food.
So if the vet cleared everything suspicious in your cat and he still is sick, ask him the food.:P That's my suggestion.
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