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A stud has blossomed

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Oh my goodness!! We used Koon as a stud with Purrty girl in May of 01 and he was just a year old. This is him then.
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This is him today. He has turned into a BEAUTIFUL boy. It is no wonder Kaos is so darn cute.
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He's gorgeous!!!

I love his markings
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Wow! I can't get over how his color changed!
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He is Gorgeous!! I love his colorings.
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Wow, Sandie! He sure changed a lot! What a cutie
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Yes Sandie he is beautiful and I'm glad you are repeating the breeding (Ken told me you went to pick him up). I have a feeling that Kaos is going to look like his daddy. Let us know when we are expecting babies and hopefully I'll be there to see them and not have to wait for a show to see them at 4 months.

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You will have to try to bring him to a show Sandie - I have a feeling he will do a lot differently this time!
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he is so hot and cute.
wow his color change so much that is what is soppused to happen
they change to a darker color.
well he is cute have fun with him.
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Some colors darken with age and seal happens to be one of them
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