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wobbling and twitching

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I've noticed my cat has started having a little problem with walking. She wobbles a little and shakes/twitches a bit. She just had a litter of kittens about 2 weeks ago and we took them all to the vet last week (we believed one of them had ringworms, but it was a false alarm). The vet said she was perfectly healthy so I don't know why she would all of the sudden start acting like this. I think that she just might be tired because she has to take care of 7 kittens, and even though I help her out with the feeding, she still probably has a lot of stresses from them. I would really like to know what's wrong with her, without haing to go back to the vet. Sadly, I can't afford taking her there every week. So can anyone please tell me what might be wrong with her?
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Unfortunately in some situations you do need to go back to the vet more than a few times - particularly if your cat has just had a litter of kittens. It can be expensive but it is a part of being the owner of pets. Also, although you will find lots of advice and people who are very knowledgeable on this site, we are not vets and cannot give you the answers you are looking for on the web, sadly.

However, having said that, some of the reasons you have listed are valid and it could possibly be that she is just tired. But wobbling and twitching also could be symptoms of a much more serious problem - something neurological, poisoning, epilepsy - there are any number of things and that is why it is urgent that you speak to your vet and preferably take her there as soon as you can.

Most vets will be generous with their fees and help you out with payment - if you are finding things a bit tight with your new family they should let you pay off any consultation. But it could get a lot more expensive later if you don't go now - and where there are kittens involved that need their mother it makes it doubly important that you get her checked up.

Good luck!
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Can you call your vet, explain her symptoms, and see if they think it sounds like something serious? Since she was just in with her kittens, they may be more willing to give you advice over the phone.
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You know, after CJ had her kittens, about 4 days after, she started having seizures. They normally occured when nursing. I brought her to the vet immediately, and they ran tests on her, and everything was normal. They did a complete health scan and blood test, and everything was perfectly normal. She had a couple more seizures after that, and now she's perfectly normal. I don't know, maybe something triggers after kittens are born in some cats? Either way, I'd say take her back in to the vet.
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Now she can't jump anymore, doesn't go outside of my room, barely (she usually eats a full bowl of food in one night), and has a hard time drinking(she knocked over her bowl during the night). It hurts for me watch her attempt to walk, she can't even take a step without almost falling over. I'm taking her to the vet ASAP because this is turning into something serious.
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Has she been vaccinated?
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No, she was a stray that came to us already pregnant. The vet said that he will vaccinate her as soon as he kittens start eating solid food. The only thing he can do while she is feeding them was check her for aids.
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good luck, I hope everything turns out okay!!!
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Fingers crossed for her. Is she still feeding the kittens? You might want to get some stuff ready to step in if needed.
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Glad you are taking her to the vet! Best of luck to you both....keeping fingers crossed that it's not serious.
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I agree, please take her to the vet. Also, I was wondering if maybe she needs additional food due to the nursing. You might want to tell the vet the kind of food and how much you are feeding and see if it is enough.
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She's in intensive care right now. They can't figure out what is wrong with her. They did blood tests, x-rays, ultrasounds, etc. They can't find anything wrong but she's getting worse fast. They put her on valium and said she started stabalizing a little, but if it doesn't imporve soon, she might pass away. We are already feeding the kittens by hand.
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Oh no! You did the right thing to get her to the Vet. I am praying for your kitty now, may she return to perfect health promptly. Bless you for taking care of these precious babies. Thank you for keeping us updated on how your little one is feeling.
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I am so sorry Good for you being observant and getting her back to the vets. Best wishes with the kittens - and I am hoping she will surprise everyone and recover fully.
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Also want to add that we have a special forum just concerning the care of newborn kittens here . Our experts would be so happy to assist you in any way in the care of your kittens.
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So sorry to hear that. Have got my fingers crossed for her.
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I'm so sorry that she is so ill. My thoughts are with you.
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I'm so sorry about your cat. Years ago, one of my cats experienced something simular. She also just had a litter of 6 unusally large kittens, and then started having the same symtoms as your cat is having. After many expensive tests, it was finally determined her seizures and progressing paralysis was caused from several things. From the trauma from having kittens she had developed Pyometra and infection of the uterus from a rupture in the birth canel during labor. A slipped disc from labor trauma. And then because of the infection, she developed a deficiency in calcium and amimo acids from not eating. I hope they can find the cause of your cats troubles soon. Best wishes!
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prayers and
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Even though my Mikko didn't have kittens, from how you describe it, it sounds exactly like what happened to her.

I do hope it's not; my thoughts are with you doll.
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We just got her back home. The vet said that it's ok for us to take her back so she can be with her kittens. The sad part is that now she's acting like a stoned chicken. She has tremers all through he body and her head is flying in every direction physically possible, as if she can't control it. She has a bit of a blank stare as if she's blind, but thankfully she just looks blind and really isn't. She can't walk, or maybe she can, but with her random twitching I wouldn't want to risk it. Now I have to take her to her food, water, and litter box ever hour. I don't mind, I'm just happy she's still with me. She's going to go back to the vet tomorrow because he still doesn't know what's wrong with her. Oh, and what happened to Mikko, if you don't mind me asking.
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I'm very sorry to hear about your kitty's state at the moment. You are obviously doing a very good job with her for the vet to allow you to take her home. Just hang in there and keep doing what you're doing - well done you it's a huge job and you seem to be handling it beautifully!

Please keep us posted as to how she's going.
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Well, I took her back to the vet yesterday. He still didn't really know what was wrong, but he said that he talked to a friend of his who's a neurologist. His friend said that sometimes the nervous system screws up for no apperent reason, and that if in fact it has something to do with her nervous system, she might be wobbling like that for the rest of her life. I was happy to know that at least it wasn't some deadly disease because I can deal with a slightly screwy cat, I can't deal with a dead one though. I let her rest for the rest of the day. She was eating, drinking, feeding the kittens, going to the litter box, etc., but she was still a little wobbly so I had to hold her steady sometimes. Today she is looking much better. She tried to run without falling and has succeeded, much to our surprise. I hope she will keep improving. Thank you all for supporting me through this, you guys are really great!
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I just read this post. I am so glad your little darling is doing better!
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It might not be a good idea to allow her to nurse her kittens since you don't know for sure what is going on (if it's a toxin then it can pass through her milk, though they probably checked pretty thoroughly for that). But nursing takes so much out of a mother - way more than even pregnancy - and it might be more important that she concentrate all her reserves on healing her own body.

Since the kittens were able to nurse for a few days, their chances of thriving with bottle feeding are excellent.
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