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Apt dwellers, how many cats is too many?

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I live in a one bedroom apt (bdrm, living room, kitchen, bathroom, mini hallway).. it's a pretty good size for a one bedroom (larger than most here in San Jose), but I was just wondering how many cats would be too many for a smaller place like this? I would love to get another playmate for my Aphro (6-months-old). I work 20 hrs/wk (MWF) and go to school (T/Th) from 8:30-4:30. Do I even have time for another cat? I looove cts and I would have a house full of them if I could, but I know that that's not possible right now. Any honest opinions would be greatly appreciated. I would love to save more cats, but I need some honest (harsh if need be) opinions/thoughts here. Thanks so much!
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I have two kitties in my one bedroom apartment. Unfortunately, they aren't friends or playmates, but they both have their own areas where they feel comfortable hanging out. The important thing to keep in mind in an apartment is to use vertical space by getting kitty condos, bookshelves, or anything else that the cats can hop onto. My babies share the kitty condo. When they're not using that, one cat prefers the floor while the other hangs out on the bed or on the hutch above my desk. As long as both cats have their own "private" areas where they can feel safe, then two cats can do quite well in an apartment. Be sure to introduce them slowly, even though you may have to keep one in the bathroom or bedroom for a while. Also, think about where you will be able to put the litterboxes. I've been able to get away with two litterboxes in my apartment, though three is the ideal for a two-cat household. One is often not enough to keep both cats happy. I also keep two cat carriers in easily-accessible places so that I can safely transport my cats in an emergency (fire, flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, etc.)
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I have 2 cats in my studio apartment, definitely wouldn't have room for more. They get along quite nicely and entertain each other during the day when I'm gone. I would say as far as time goes, if you have enough time for the one cat then adding another really won't take too much more time.
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one more would be okay, especially since you are out of the house for many hours. It will give your cat a playmate, they will keep each other company.
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Two cats aren't much more work than one...and twice as much fun!!! They will also keep each other company while you're out. Our two are good friends and though we have a (small) 3 bedroom house, they usually end up in the same room, snoozing or playing. You just need to have somewhere that each can hide out away from the other if they want to.
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When I had to move back home with the parents, my dad had built me a door in the upstairs hallway so that I can have 2 bedrooms, sorta like my own little apartment. One of the rooms is 10x12 and the other is 12x12, plus a little part of the hallway.. i'd say about 4 feet. I have 1 room set up as a bedroom.. bed, dressers..etc and one is set up like a living room, couch.. tv.. computer desk..etc. I have 2 cats and they get along just fine in that space. However, I wouldn't add a third. I am in there all the time when i'm home and mostly they hang around me or they are fast asleep on thier cat bed.. a.k.a. my bed. I have a cat tree in each room, they can climb up high and I have pleanty of space for them to run laps around.
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I live in a one bedroom apartment and we have 2 cats. That's my limit though! They've grown up together and get along great, so there's no problems with space. We also try and take them outside on a leash every day so that they get some excitement and fresh air. Not every apartment building has nice enough grounds to do that though.
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I have just Oliver in a studio apartment and he doesn't think his kingdom is big enough, hahaha... I wouldn't have more than him in here, but I think 2 in a one bedroom would be ok - the only problem may be how much time you have to spend with them is all... Ollie knows my schedule, but anytime I leave to go to a class and come back, he's allllllll over me like I had left for days!
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I live in a 2-bedroom two-story townhome and I have 4 cats! They are totally fine and seem to have plenty of room. I think having the stairs helps because they love to run up and down them chasing eachother. They have a cat tree to climb in and often use the clostes and cubboards as hiding places. I would love to have more, but I think we are at our capacity now. The place is always active!!!
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I'd say that the limit for my one-bedroom apartment is two. There's just so little room for litterboxes/kitty condos/scratching posts/toys. I'm sure that some one=bed apartments could squeeze in one more, but none of the ones that I saw when I was out looking before I moved into this one.

Maybe there should be a rule... one cat for every 300 sq. ft.?
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I've had two cats in a one bedroom apartment and in two different two bedroom apartments. They actually behave more when they are with each other. I think you should get another kitty You might want to invest in an extra litter box, or just make sure you clean it out a couple of times a day- more cats means more odors obviously, but that's easy to deal with.
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what you should be asking, is how many places are their for how many kitties to hide and be able to have their own space?? i live in a rather big two bedroom apartment with a big dining room living room and kitchen. (it's also shaped with no hallways, just rooms attached to one another so their's more open space). we have 4 two month olds running around like it's heaven, and adopted a prego Momma who had 5 babies (who already have homes!) all the kittens seem to have enough space to play and hide and be to themselves, and Momma has enough space to herself when she comes out of her babies room to eat or hang out. so i figure as long as you can afford the food and have enough room for the boxes, and everyone is able find their own space away from everyone else when they need to, you will have happy cats.

i think we have our share of cats (but im trying to get my fiancee to let me get a dog [only one] because i believe their is enough space here and we have a big yard.... but the dog will have a trial period to see if it's happy with the amount of space it has)
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You could easily have two cats - I lived in a small studio apartment for a while with two of my girls and it was fine. They just had to have lots to do to keep them from going mad and crazy with boredom!!

It also depends on your local council rules. In Australia you cannot have more than three cats without a special license (Idiotic rule. Even though I know it's done for a good
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We moved to an apt while we save for a house and we have 4 in a 2 bedroom - I swear they are happier here than when we lived in a townhouse!

If its just a 2nd they should be fine as long as there is enough space for them to have space when they want - my four spend all day cuddle up on my bed and aren't that big on having their own space - but when they do want it - its best the others don't go near them... but we have ebough space for that in a 2 bedroom.
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I live in a small bachelor apartment and have two cats. One is 8 months old and the newest one is 9 weeks old. The only problem with my situation is that I can't lock them out of my room when they are annoying! I have a cat tree and other vertical surfaces for them to be on. It is working out fine. I wanted to have two so that my one original cat wouldn't be lonely and bored when I was not there for the day.
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