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If people could be more like their cats....

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What are 3 qualities of your cat that you wish you had?

Myself, I want the ability to wake up energetic in the morning, to relax like there isnt a thing wrong with the world, and to be able to powernap at the drop of a hat.

Whats yours?
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sleep all the time, look graceful, have agility
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I'd like to have Sophie's energy, her ability to sleep whenever and wherever she pleases and her confidence.
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Definitely napping when I want
The super I own the world confidence
Being able to rip around the house without feeling
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LOL! What a great idea for a thread!

I can actually nap whenever I want - it's a skill I learned from being in the Army - and you guys are right, it's fantastic!! I think that you should definitely take the time to learn...

I would love to have the innate nature to always be young at heart no matter how old I get, to be able to purr, and to be able to stretch like a darling kitty - they always look like such good stretches!!!
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Be spoiled, sleep anytime anywhere, and to look adorable naturally.
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Great idea!!

1) Napping all the time!!
2) no one could ever stay mad at me...(cuz kitties are just too cute)
3) boundless energy
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1) Hammie's agility --- he can climb anything, go anywhere fearlessly

2) Dusty's grace and wide-eyed beauty

3) Snickers way of making everyone fall in love with him... haven't met a person yet who hasn't wanted to take him home with them!
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The nap thing definately!

Never knowing what 'work' is and not having to worry about where food comes from.

Being able to sleep 20 hours of every day, and spending the other 4 chasing toys mice like a loon
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His patience.
His unconditional love.
His irresistibility.
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From Cosette: I'd like to know how to look completely adorable even after stinking up the bathroom
From Eponine: Being able to express profound emotion without saying a word
From both:To be able to nap all day without a care in the world
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From Delilah: How to command attention in any room
From Bob: Dogged (so to speak) determination
From Freckles: The ability to be comfortable while sleeping!
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This is a great Idea for a thread!

Let see.. what I wish from Milky???

1) Be Elegant all the time as we can look for him,..

2) To have a good sigth in to the night!

3) "snap" my fingers ( like he make it) and the food appear "magically on my bowl...

Is good to be a king ...Isn´t?....
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1. To be able to fall asleep instantly
2. The cats senses that are better than ours
3. To be able to climb trees with ease (by having razor sharp claws and the tendons/muscles for it )
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From Ophelia: The air of royalty without being snobby.
From Trent: Playing any time with impunity.
From both: Being able to show love with such innocence and purity.
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