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lump appeared after spay

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Betsy (16 weeks old) was spayed 2 weeks ago, all was going well then today I noticed a lump around the wound area. This lump was not there yesterday. She is not in pain and let me touch it.

Is this normal swelling (late??) I can take her to the vet tomorrow if this is not normal.

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Sometimes, the tissue around the surgical scar can appear to knit together in an uneven way. I would think it is probably alright unless there is heat, redness or obvious infection - however, a well-placed call to your vet is always wise when in doubt.
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Have the stitches come out? This is kind of weird, but when my daughter had appendix surgery, the entire thread came out one little spot, and there was a little lump there before she started pulling the thread...
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Sophie's vet said the lump she had was from the internal sutures and could take up to 3 months to go away. If you are concerned, it is best to have your vet look at it.
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Exterior stitches are all intact. I'm mostly concerned as the lump appeard 2 weeks after the surgery.

I've left a message for the vet, she's never available when I call so I figured might as well get on the machine nice and early lol
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I'll move this to the Health Forum so others can see.

I remember Sophie having a tiny lump on her incision when she was spayed, and the best way i can describe it was that it felt like a nodule?!.

She had to go back for a post spay check up anyway and i was told it was normal, and it did go away after a few weeks.

But if your worried it's best to see your vet
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My cat Nepheline got a huge lump along the suture line after her spay. She wasn't in pain and it wasn't swollen. I did take her to the vet and everything checked out ok. My vet told me that fluid had accumulated where the fat layer was cut. When they open up the abdominal wall, they cut through the skin, fat and muscle. They can sew up the muscle and skin but not the fat. So there is space where the fat is and sometimes fluid accumulates there. The bump went away after a month or so. Watch for any redness or soreness though and call the vet just in case.
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