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Very worried...

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Max had a call from his doctor this morning asking him to come in and see her urgently - he has been very sick recently and she has received his test results back but wouldn't tell him what they were over the phone (obviously).

I am having panic attacks as Max had testicular cancer about ten years ago, his lymph nodes are swollen all over his body and he has lost 11kg in three weeks.

Sometimes I think it can be a case of knowing too much and worrying unnecessarily, but I can't help thinking the worst.

I am going to the doc with him at 12.30 and will let you guys know.

Please send vibes I am very frightened.
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sending healing vibes
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Oh, Sarah, how scary for you. You must be so worried. Both you and Max are definitely in my prayers. Thank you for keeping us updated about what you learn. Sending peace and health to both of you!
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Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers, that there is a simple answer, one easy to treat for.
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Sarah, you both must be very worried and scared. to both of you, and sending the best vibes to you and Max.
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How frightened you must be. I am so sorry. Sending you many healing vibes.
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More vibes going your way Sarah
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Oh no! Max and you are in my thoughts! Hang in there!
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How scary, I hope that it is nothing big and easy to fix. Sending lots of love and that you are in my prayers. It's always scarier when it's a love one and not yourself.
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Just got back from the doctor and Max has glandular fever. Still not good news but definitely treatable and certainly not the outcome I feared. He will need a month off work and lots and lots of rest and recuperation - the doctor said it can take up to a year to go completely - but thank God it is not more serious than that.

Thank you for everyone's thoughts and quick responses - it means a lot.
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I am sorry it's something that can take that long to recover from, but oh that is good news comparatively speaking!!
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Sarah, I'm glad to hear that your fears have not been realized -- still, it will be a tough few months, and you and Max have my thoughts and prayers for a good recovery, as quick as possible.
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Oh Sarah!

I'm so pleased that the news was much better than expected!

I know how horribly debilitating Glandular Fever can be, so here are some Super Duper Health, Go Away Fever }}}VIBES{{{ headed straight to Max!

and lots and lots of to you!
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Awwww shanks Sar I appreciate it. I've had it too but as a kid so can't really remember how horrible it is.

I'm going to be cooking and cooking and cooking and loving and loving and loving to make sure he gets back on his feet! I've been searching for ultra healthy recipes on the net to make for him...
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Sarah - sorry I was asleep when vibes were called for, be sure mine would have been right there with them. How relieved I was to read through the thread and see that your worst fears weren't realised. Sending lots of "get well soon" vibes for Max.
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You and Max are in my thoughts.
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I'm glad it wasn't as bad as you thought - it will still be rough, but that must be ahuge weight off your mind. Get well vibes coming your way for Max
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Here's hoping for a full recovery for MAx very soon!
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Sending get well vibes Max's way {{{{ }}}}
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Never heard of this!
But sooooooo glad that its a treatable condition.
Hope Max is back on his feet in no time!
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Sorry I'm getting to this so late, but I'm glad it is something treatable! Sending some get well vibes his way! {{{{{}}}}}
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Sending prayers for both you and Max.
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Feel better soon, Max. That certainly is a long recovery! Prayers that he heals steadily.
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I'm dot familiar with this but its sounds like a long road to recovery. Hope that goes well.
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Oh Sarah I´m late too...
Sending (((((((((good vibes)))))))))9 for a soon recovery to Max!
Keep us updated!
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GailC - glandular fever is known as mono in the US.

I had glandular fever when I was in university - apparently it is very easily transmitted, and it really is horrible, isn't it. You will need to watch Max for depression as it can lead to that.

A for Max and you!
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Thank goodness it is something he can recover from. I hope that he has a safe and comfortable healing process.
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Yikes! Sorry to hear that Max is under the weather! I'm glad it wasn't what you originally thought though.
Sending lots of get well fast vibes to him.
Also sending have patience vibes for you! I know how men can be when they get sick!
Hope he gets better quickly!!!
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Oh, my! Mono can be very debilitating (from what I've heard) but not life-threatening at least. I know you were terribly frightened, my sister (whom I adore) was diagnosed with colon cancer a year and a half ago and went through some aggressive therapy and surgery last summer. At the moment all is good, but every visit to the Dr. is still a cause for extreme anxiety! So I know how your heart must have jumped.

Vibes going your way ...
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Just read this thread and was relieved to see the results weren't as bad as suspected.
Sending lots of get well vibes to Max.
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