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baby gates

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I'd like to keep my cats upstairs when I'm not at home/asleep to prevent them from getting into mishcheif (they're good at that) or escaping as we're coming or going. Do you think if I stack three baby gates in the doorway at the top of the stairs this will hold them, or will crafty kitties find a way downstairs anyway? Right now they have their own room when we're not at home or are sleeping, but I'd like to let them have the whole upstairs.
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You do not need 3 gates, one will do. I have a gate on top of the stairs going from first to second floor to keep my cat Marsh permanently upstairs. the gate is 36" and he never jumps/or climbs it, in about 2 years - he knows his home is upstairs, it was like that from day one. it only has vertical bars, they're metal. it's also a walk, through gate you open, which is a huge convenience.

Now, if you cat is older and had the whole house to himself, it may be tough to teach him otherwise LOL - you know cats, if you close any door, it will become their mission in life to get into the closed space.

let me know if you need any more info.
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We have baby gates for the dogs..and the cats jump over them no problem no thinking. three gates may work i havent tried it. they also have some high gates..
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