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I found a place!!!!!

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I went to my mom's this weekend and I found a place!
I dropped off the jerk and went hunting. The first place I looked was a 2 bedroom mobile home right across the street (literally) from my best friend of 14yrs! It's cheap too. $800/month for rent, electric. CABLE TV, water... everything but phone! AND they are loaning me a moving truck (U-Haul) for free, only have to pay for gas! This truly was a blessing in disguise!
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I am so glad things are working out for you!!!
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Yay! Congratulations!
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I forgot to add this, the unfortunate part is Im only allowed one cat... I dont know what to do with my babies! My mom said she would take Sammy (hes mainly outside) but i dont know what to do about the others......... ANyone help? I dont have any friends who could take them, I already asked
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Where are you at?
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Congrats there is always a silver linning. Where are you located?

You could also try to talk to the landlord..sometimes it works. perhaps a higher damage deposit would make them allow your babies. i know a fellow on a dog board recently talked man to man with his landlord and was able to keep all his dogs, and add another to the family. just took higher damage deposit.
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I am in bartow Florida
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Darn, too far for me to help. I'm sorry. I hope someone closer can help you out.
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I wish I could but the lease says no pets but she is allowing me to have 1. I couldnt afford another deposit.. I only paid $100 deposit, well my mom did.. I dont have ANY money... and my mother would NOT pay for a pet deposit
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Congratulations! Is there any way you can talk to the landlord and ask her/him if you can have another cat and pay her the other deposit later on and tell he rhow much your cat means to you, especially at a tough time like yuo are going through?

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GOD I wish I could, but they have done so much as it is. She even lowered the rent from $275 to $200 for me.. I wouldnt want to chance it anymore
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Well, congrats on the new situation!!! You pay your rent there weekly?
Is that normal where you live? I have never done or heard of that other than in a one room situation.
Sad about the kits though..How many are you looking to rehome and what are their ages?
Maybe you could put a notice up here in the S.O.S section? (though check if that is the right forum first)...Could they stay at your mum's until you find a home?
Let all the shelters know and put up fliers there?

Hopefully it works out...Let us know
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Congrats on your new place!!
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I'm glad you have a new place and a new start for yourself and your kids .
I am so sorry about your kitty situation, though. I have no good advice to offer, but sending you some good vibes that all works out {{{{}}}}.
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Congrats Dixie! Great news and keep smiling...
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