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Losing Battle??

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My beloved wife decided to add birds to our house.. She wants to know if there is anyway she can keep the cat from stalking the birds. I think she's fighting a loosing battle on that one.. any thoughts?
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Are the birds going to stay in the cage? Or are you going to let him fly around? I have a small bird now and whenever one of the cats would start to try to climb the cage or get that "hunting stance" i would just spray them with the water bottle. After about two, maybe three weeks of doing that they just stopped paying any atention to the bird. Also, my cats never tried to hurt him, just wants to look at him i guess.
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they are going to stay in the cage. I think mine lived on birds before we took him in
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Oh, I'd worry, too.......best of luck!
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I think the safest way is to make sure the birds are kept in the cage at all times when the cat is around, then that shouldn't be a problem.
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what kind of birds? As you can see by my siggy - I have 4 cats and 11 birds. The big birds are still not left unsupervised - but they can handle their own. The little birds are in secure cages and the smallest birds are in secure cages in a room that I can close at night (no midnight raids!)

I still have one cat that will mindelssly stare at one of the small/mid birds - but a stern warning will usually get her to stop.

Salem has been with me the longest - she still stares at the birds - but not covetously. (I think) Earlier one of the birds screamed a warning scream to warn the rest of the "flock" something she saw out the window that she didn't like. Salem knows the danger call all to well, and she sleepily comes running to look out the window to see what it was. Not sure if she was going to protect the bird or just was nosey!
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Yep, I have one of those. Her, the lovebird and the parrotlet are the cats most likely stalking victims. Definately sturdy cage, in a room you can close at night - or a cage you can hang - where the cats will not be likely to take a running leap.
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My boyfriend's mother has a housefull of critters--six dogs, five cats and four birds. The birds are in a large rectangular cage that is mounted on a cart with wheels. That way, they are a couple of feet off the ground, and most of the cats can't get to them. The only one who can is the smallest cat. She lays on a blanket on top of the cage, and the birds know to stay away from her paws.
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I have a pet house sparrow, That my cats have just learned to leave alone (some of the more stubborn ones with the help of a squirt bottle). The foster cats on the other hand thinks he looks mighty tasty.

I have had Pingy longer than any of the cats though, we found him in the dogs mouth with a broken wing, it never healed right, and that was almost 7 and half years ago.
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