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My 2 cats are Fighting

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I have 2 cats they are both indoor cats, 1 female the other male. Mickey (male) is 5 yrs old & he is neuter, Angel (female) is 1 yr old she has not been spay, she has been in heat 2-3 times…(I don’t know if this is normal or not, I am new to female cats). Any way Angel & Mickey have gotten along just fine, till this last time she went into heat, now Angel is attacking Mickey & wont let him roam the house like he use to, she stocks him & waits for him to come out of rooms. If they are in the same room they just eye each other, & growl at one another, but as soon as Mickey gets up to move Angel attacks him. This has been going on for the last 2 weeks. HELP. I try to keep them separated, which maybe wrong but Angel gets the better have of Mickey, & separating them is the only way Mickey can eat & do his other business.

I would like to know, if I get Angel fixed will this resolve the problem between the two. They use to be great friends till this happened & I hate to keep them separated, I don’t want to get rid of either one of them. I need some advice ASAP please

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Her aggression is likely a result of feeling absolutely miserable due to being in heat. Please take her to the vet as soon as you can so you can help her not feel so bad.
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I agree - after getting your Angel spayed she will calm down and leave poor Mickey alone. She is upset and angry and does not feel well. He is the target of her frustrations.......
Let us Know!
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Another bonus of having kitty spayed is that she'll be less likely to develop certain cancers and will have a much longer, happier life. I'm with the others, please have her spayed as soon as possible!!

Good luck with your kitties, keep us posted on how you make out with them and feel free to join in and post here at TCS as often as you like :rainbow:
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I would like to say thank you all for your advice, I just hope getting Angel spayed that this will solve the problem between the two. So I am going to call my vet & check into getting Angel spayed. But for how Angel is feeling she is her old self around us but just not Mickey, she is still as playful as ever. She seems to want to go & see Mickey some of the time, but Mickey will hiss & growl at her, then all h**l breaks loose!! I guess Mickey has a chip on his shoulder, But I am sure he will get over it.

Thanks Again
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JoAnn - it may take a little time after getting Angel spayed for them to become friend again.....so do not be discouraged! Time will take care of things.
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Thanks Deb, I will keep the board informed on how things are going between the two, I am sure I will need more advice in the future for this matter. I was just wondering could you give me a ballpark figure on how much a spaying would be for a female cat? I live in a small town & I would have to take her to a vet. I estimate around $100-$120, does this seem about right? I know when I got Mickey neutered it cost around $80, & when I had my dog spayed it was well over $100. I was just wondering if you might now is all, but I will be checking with the vet this week to see.
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Both my cats were $85.00 including the overnight stay at the vet.
I am in Massachusetts, which tends to be expensive though.
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I live in a small town too and just got Smudgie done - it was $114..including overnight and pain meds. Poor babies!
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I am weighing in late, but I am new so only just found this thread.

Another reason Angel may have become so agressive towards Angel is that he may be trying to mount her when she's in heat. Even though he has been neutered, not all reproductive hormones originate in the reproductive organs, so he may still want to mate if he has access to a female in season. Oddly enough, females in season always act "ready" until the male shows up, then they attack him and try to keep him away! Yep, kitties are strange enough as it is, but then when you throw mating into the mix they get positively looney!

Anyway, if this is what is causing her new agressive behavior, spaying will indeed stop it.

Since I'm new I don't know how sensitive the board is, I tried to word this in such a way that I would make sense but not snipped!
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