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Introducing Pranah

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A few months ago my father lost his beloved Samantha of 13 years. He was recently contacted by a friend saying that a barn cat had recently had kittens. All the kittens were adopted but no one would take the momma cat. My father saw pictures and was quite taken with this little lady.

Pranah will be coming home to my father tomorrow afternoon. She's very attentive and will do well being the only cat in the home. Apparently she is quite demanding for love. My dads friend already had her spayed so she is all set to begin her new life.
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wow Pranah sure is a beauty (not that I am partial to black kitties at all )

how wonderful of your Dad to take her in and give her the love and attention she so much deserves. awwwww look at her amoungst all those flowers

thankyou for sharing her with us Beth
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She's beautiful! I'm sure she and your dad will become the best of friends.
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That first photo is striking What a beautiful girl. I always feel so sorry for the Mom's that get left behind. I'm so glad he is taking her
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Pranah is gorgeous!!! Welcome to TCS!
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What a beautiful girl! I love her eyes!
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Pranah, you're so gorgeous! Thank you, Beth, for introducing her to us! I know she and your Dad will certainly enrich eachother's lives. Welcome to the family, beautiful girl!
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She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Look at thoes eyes!
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she is gorgeous!!!
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wow, Beth, Pranah is beautiful!
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Wow! She's gorgeous! She looks stunning amongst the petunias!
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Awwww, no one was going to take her? Good for your dad. Pranah looks so nice and healthy.
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Oh Beth she's a beauty! She'll be great company for your dad after his recent loss
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What a gorgeous cat, it is so good that she now has the chance of a happy home life. Am sure her and your dad will have lots of good times together.
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Awww, Pranah, aren't you gorgeous!

I'm so pleased your Father has decided to take her into his heart and home - they are going to have such a great time together!

I bet your Dad can't wait to get her home!
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what a beautiful cat
She looks like a tiny panther......
I hope her and your Dad spend many happy years together....and Godbless him for being such a honey and taking her
match made in heaven
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Beth, that is so wonderful of your father! Their loss is his gain- she's a beaut!
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No one wanted her!! The beautiful, breath taking, black as coal with eyes as green as kiwi, kitty in the picture? They must have been out of their minds!!
Atleast we know your dad is sane!!

Congratulate him for me on a beautiful furbaby.
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That first picture is lovely, I love the flowers as the backdrop
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what a beautiful kitty! welcome from me and the incredible trio
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omg what a beauty!
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WOW, what a gorgeous cat! Black with green eyes - a winning combination congratulations to your dad.
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she is beautiful!
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