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ISO: Young Adult Cat

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looking for a young adult cat to join family with large breed puppy. would prefer to have a cat that has already lived with a dog. i dont want a skittish cat since i have a few people in an out of my home. may take a kitten if it is older than 4 months and already use to a dog.
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good luck
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Or go to your local Petsmart or Petco on a Saturday afternoon. Most of them host adoption shows. There will be cages full of gorgeous cats and kittens, who are fostered all week in a home, and available for adoption. The foster parent will usually know if the cat is real social, and how they are with dogs.

Our agency adopts cats and kittens for $100 (2 for $150). Sounds a little high at first, but each one has had its basic shots, and has been spayed or neutered, or has a certificate to have it done free when old enough. And you are saving a rescued cat. It is currently a very busy time for rescues, we are overrun with the spring "crop" of kittens, and a second summer litter for cats not found early in the spring. And with kids returning to school, adoptions are down as people are focused on school shopping.

Good luck finding a new kitty!
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I would agree to contact your local shelters first and pay the money for screened pets. They should be able to tell you if the cat is dog friendly or what. You can always get cats to accept dogs if you move slowly and your dog has been obedience trained and respects you

Introducing Cats to Dogs
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