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Problem with cat pooping on the carpet

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I'm having a problem with my cat Mojave. Me and my husband went on vacation for a week and had a friend take care Mojave and Sassy. He told us they were pooping on the carpet. I figured it was b/c we left them and they were mad at us. I then figured out it was Mojave. Well we have been home since Wed night and he is still doing it. We will only find it in the mornings. Any other time he does it in the litter when we are around. He never used to do that. He's known how to use the litter since day one. My husband just went into the closet and found poop in the closet. We thought he just did it in the corner in the hallway. I want to know why he is doing this and what can I do???!!!! please help
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Take him to the vet now and rule out a health issue, which this may very well be. Once you have either addressed the health issue or ruled it out, you can go from there- But you were gone from this cat's life for a bit and they get stressed out easily- take him to the vet to be sure he is okay.
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I had the same problem develop with my cat Halo. She used the litter box consistently for the first 6 months we had her and then she just stopped pooping in it. She pees in it all the time and occassionally will poop in it but otherwise it's on the floor. I have been dealing with this for a couple months now, she's been to the vet twice and given a clean bill of health. I think I may have found a solution though. (knock on wood!) I found this plug in air freshner type thing at the pet store. It's a Feliway Comfort Zone plug. It is supposed to release calming pheremones to ease your cats anxiety in using the litter box or whatever else is causing them stress. The only connection we made with Halo's problem is that a week prior to her starting this we got rid of our ferrets. We think they had bonded with her more than we realized (she just loved to watch them in their cage) and she was acting out because now they were suddenly gone. It's only been plugged in since Monday night but so far we have two nights and a day with no problems which is a miracle. It's $45 for it and $27 for refills but if it works I have no problem spending the money on it. And Halo seems more calm. She was always kind of jumpy and skittish but she seems much more relaxed now.
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Your guess of them or her being upset you left is exactly right! Rulling out health concerns is always the first thing to do, but if it is normal stool and there is no change in their behavior, this is usually the "I am mad at you!" response!
My cat would poop on the center of my bed, knowing well that this is where I spend a good deal of my time, only when I went on vacation and someone else was watching her! It sounds like your cat has choosen an area of high traffic, you can't miss this message, and in the closet is where all your shoes and clothes are, the items with your strongest scent.
A simple solution for this fear your cat/cats may have is to assure them that you love them and will not abandon them! When coming home an upbeat excited to see them greeting is very appreciated by them. Acknowledgement of any wrong doing should be pointed out to them that you know they did this and you do not appreciate it! A firm voice and showing them the mess they already know they left for you usually is enough.
Once an animal does defecate, especially urine, there is a scent there that they or another animal will smell and often becomes a potty place. Baking soda, deep carpet cleaning, and air freshners often help but sometimes carpets have to be replaced. I n your situation it sounds as though a reassurance of love is all that is needed!
Cheyenne & Sweety
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Thanks for the adivce. I will show him more affection and love. He has'n t done it since so Hopfully the love is working
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Oh, I hope it's going better. I remember a LONG time ago, my grandmother's cat used to poop on her bedspread when she left.

Now I recently had a cat pooping in the exact same place every day, in a room on the middle floor - without a litter box, mind you, and I place a litter box about 10 feet away from the place and that's where she started going. (In the litter box.) Well, I think that's a personal problem with my cat, but you never know what might help. Probably just a mad kitty in your case!
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My cat Melody is 11 years old the last year or so she is starting to poo in the carpet special in the dining room, I clean it with pine sol hopping she will lose interests however does not work, I even put 2 litter boxes for her, I don’t know what to do anymore as the problem is becoming more frequent
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