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Dexter & Sadie's Thread

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This is the first posting on Dexter & Sadie's own thread.
Yesterday...I bought a new 3 level cat tree for my sweet furkids.
It is taller then their old one. They are really enjoying new heights of glory.
We live 3 stories up, so they have a great view from the top of their tree.
I'm thrilled for them. I took these pictures early this morning just before daylight.
Presenting Dexter & Sadie's new tree...

Sweet Sadie

Dexter kicking back up high

I hope that you enjoyed the pictures of their fantastic new tree.
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Awwww, Dexter and Sadie, could ya'll get any cuter?
Ya'll look so happy and healthy!!
Thanks for the pics!
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Awww look at Sadie and Dexter living it up in their fancy new accommodation . They are certainly enjoying that
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They look like they love it!.
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They sure are settling right into their new tree! Looks great!
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Awww Lei their brilliant pictures!, and their tree is fab as well

They certainly look like they love it!
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Great pics, Lei! Sadie and Dexter look like they are thoroughly enjoying their new cat tree!
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Sadie and Dexter are so gorgeous, Lei! Wow, they must adore their new tree!How perfect for a nap way up high, a better view of their domain! Sadie is so beautiful posing at the top for her Mommy, and Dexter is so comfy in his new spot! Wonderful, Lei!
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Dexter & Sadie are brother & sister, born 7-17-2000.
It is hard to believe that they were ever this tiny.
Here's a few of their kitten pictures.

Baby Sadie

Athletic Dexter

Sadie & Dexter holding paws.

2 more of Sadie & Dexter...sweet little kittens.

There you have sweet little kittens.
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Oooooooh look at them little sweeties! Awwwww doesn't it just seem like yesterday when they were that small Lei!

Their gorgeous!!
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Awww, Dexter and Sadie grew from adorable kittens into such gorgeous cats. Looks like they're really enjoying their new tree!
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From precious kittens to gorgeous adults....I bet you could not be more proud . It's about time they had a thread all their own!
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It's been awhile since I looked at Sadie & Dexter's kitten pictures.
I had forgotten how much they have changed in the last 5 years.
Since posting their kitten pictures this morning, I have been seeing them with new eyes.
My little babies are all grown up.
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i missed this thread? how could I have missed this thread?

awwww Lei - look at them they are just so precious, and that tree just looks amazing!! No wonder they love it.

and awwww look at them as kittens scritches to you Dexter & Sadie !!
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That looks like a great new tree!

The kitten pictures are just way too much cuteness!
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Thier tree looks so wonderful! They look awful happy with it! I love the kitten pics too!
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Awww, such a nice cat tree! Dexter and Sadie look very happy. I love the picture of Sadie looking out the window, her fur is so pretty!
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Wow! Sadie and Dexter, you're such precious tiny babies! No wonder your Mommy fell head over heals in love with you! You've both just grown into the most gorgeous sweethearts!
Thank you, Lei, for sharing these priceless photos of your little ones with us as you celebrate this very special anniversary of your babies adopting you this day five years ago!
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Wow! How did I miss this wonderful thread?! I LOVE the cat tree and it is so wonderful that they are enjoying it ! And those precious little kitty faces . They grow up too quickly but they became beautiful cats !
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Originally Posted by xocats
[color=Blue]Dexter & Sadie are brother & sister, born 7-17-2000.
It is hard to believe that they were ever this tiny.
Here's a few of their kitten pictures.
There you have sweet little kittens.
Oh my, how cute is that!! LOVE IT!
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AAAAWWWWIEE!! They are absolutely precious!! I wish I had baby pictures of my guys. I got em in my predigital days!!
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Awwww! Those two have grown up to be such beautiful kitties! Love the kitten pics and the recent ones too.....want one of those trees though!
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Awww Lei what gorgeous babies you have - and now they're 5 and all grown up . How beautifully they've turned out and are so lucky to have stayed with each other all that time.

You must feel so wonderful to have had 5 whole years of love and can look forward to many many more to come
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Awww they are absolutely precious! How special for you!
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Precious babies, the tree is lovely.
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Originally Posted by xocats
Sweet Sadie
Oh Lei! This is my favorite by far! Look at Sweet Sadie Remember never to give me your address or I might just end up with 5 kitkats
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