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going on holiday, will she miss me?

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I am going on holiday in a couple of days, just for a week. My four month old persian, has gone to stay with some friends. I know she will be well loved and cared for but I miss her terribly. Silly, I know.
I'm just wondering. Will she think i've abandoned her? Will she miss me? Will she remember me when I get back? We were starting to really bond.
Sorry to be such a big baby.
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You can do things for her while you are gone, as long as the people who are caring for her, don't think you are crackers.

Prior to leaving- about 3 nights before, make it a habit to take a few cloth toys of hers to bed with you. Sleep with them close to your body, they will pick up your smell. Plop them into a ziploc bag and give the toys to the caretakers with the instructions to give her one toy 24 hours after you leave, then the others spaced out during your absence.

If you like to exercise, take a ratty old tee shirt and put it on and do the workout of your lifetime. Get that wringing wet then put that in a bag, and ask them to give it to again 24 hours after you leave.

Note of caution- you are disrupting this 4 month's old routine. Putting her in a strange home, and this could stress her out. Leaving her in YOUR home is best, she will be still stressed out but not as much. Let the people know that if they notice her not eating or drinking or pooping out of the pan to get her to the vet. Stress causes illness in cats so easily it is amazing, so just know that this could happen.
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oh dear, i know. I feel awful but i had this holiday booked way before I even knew i was getting her. She has been to their house before, she knows them well and she adjusts very easily. She is a contented little thing and seems to enjoy traveling. I was considering leaving her here but the girl I wanted to look after her could only make it once a day and I didn't want her to be on her own the rest of the time. I just know that she will be dearly loved where she is. Thanks for your advice though, greatly appreciated. xxx
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I just recently got back from a vacation trip to Michigan and of my three cats, Peaches missed me the most. OMG she was SO pissed at me when I got back. For 3 days she would give me dirty looks, wouldn't sleep with me and got mad when I'd try to pet her or pick her up. She got over it though, and now is back to her clingy, sweet self!

Oh yeah... I had a friend from work, who is also a cat lover, come over daily to care for the cats. She fed and watered them and then would just hang out for a couple hours with them. It was so nice!
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