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Broken tooth

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My 5 month old kitten was playing on our bed biting the duvet, I noticed that where he was biting, there were little specs of blood and noticed one of his teeth has broken off!

His mouth is no longer bleeding and he doesnt appear to be in any pain or discomfort, he's just playing and being his usual self. He is also drinking and eating ok.

From what I can see inside his mouth (which isnt much) its not one of his major front teeth, its one of his back ones and its just the top of the tooth thats broken off - he can still bite though!

Should this be anything to worry about?
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I would get him to the vets asap to be checked, as the sharp edge could cut his mouth and cause an abscess or ulcer
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Thanks, I will!
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I just wanted to add that kitten lose their baby teeth and get their adult teeth at about 5-6 months.
I found this link quite useful. It has info about teething.

But, if your kittys tooth is broken off then he should get checked out by a vet. : )
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i dont have any experience with broken teeth.
but i agree with the vet
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I took him to the vet today (first time I could get in after the weekend and bank holiday monday) and luckily theres nothing to worry about - its a baby tooth thats been forced out by a big tooth and the vet says that its normal!

So nothing to worry about thank god!
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