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Check out this tower that twists 90 degrees

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The Nordics' tallest skyscraper was officially opened Saturday with prize-winning Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava surveying the view from the 54th floor.

With its spectacular 90-degree twist, Turning Torso consists of nine stacked cubes, each turned slightly.

Many residents, who are expected to move to the rented apartments in November, will have a view overlooking either the flat farmland of Skane, Sweden's southernmost province, or the Oresund strait and Denmark.
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I wouldnt say i LOVE it but I do think its neat!
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That is a beautiful structure. Very elegant.
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Wow, imagine trying to buy furniture to fit into one of those corners!
Any pictures of the inside?
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Well, for me a building with a view is more important than the building itself.
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not my cup of tea... very industrial looking, i like old world architecture
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Wow! That is cool!
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makes me dizzy to look at it. I don't know if I could live like that but the view sounds lovely. I'd like to see what it looks like inside as well.... are the walls normal or twisted inside too.....
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It's very cool looking but I'd never live in it. I'm pretty afraid of heights (hard to believe) but I have this fear about what would happen if there was a fire. I know I'm paranoid
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That is one cool looking building!
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Wow, that's really somethin' to look at. Amazing.
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That building looks so neat!
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Wow!! That's an interesting design. I wonder how much it cost to rent an apartment there!! It cannot be cheap.
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Afraid of heights...even looking up at it gives me the willies!
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I think it's really interesting to look at. It's like an art piece that you are not sure what it's all about but you like it anyways
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What a marvel of modern architecture . I dig it!
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Originally Posted by RarePuss
not my cup of tea... very industrial looking, i like old world architecture
I'm with ya there. Architecturally I think it is fascinating, the potential for the design of the interiors is also quite interesting, but I don't think I'd live there myself. I'm just not an apartment kind of person. Didn't help that in one of my classes in college we had to watch The Towering Inferno and pick out the mistakes the people made. I will never watch that movie again. Just THINKING of it twists my stomach!
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It said that the apts in there will go for euro 3000 and up.

For me personally, I would rather live in one of those lovely old buildings in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Well, they may not be standing anymore after Katrina.
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How interesting! Such a unique design!
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it's nice but I wouldn't live in it.
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Interesting design. I would not want to live next door to it.
It makes me dizzzzzy.
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That's Awesome!!! I would live in that tower
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Not for me, thanks!
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