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Doing something Vs. Doing nothing.

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From what I hear there is a little white cat that scrounges around my apartment building (small building only 12 units). I have never seen or heard this cat, but my neighbors assure me it is there and have tried to coax it closer with food. I am interested in trying to help this little guy but I have some aprehensions. First is that I have some "dumb jock" guys that live on the bottom level that are not the nicest people on earth and I have a feeling that anything I do will be undone by them. I can see them putting bad things in the food, or if I do get it trapped tormenting it until I get home. Secondly it is very hot (high 90s low 100s) outside and I do not want it to be trapped while I am at work and suffer in a cage all day. Thirdly as I have never seen this cat I do not know how big it is, the sex, or the age. I do not really want to keep this cat, but just to get it fed and fixed and in a place to find a good home. We live within 200 yards of an interstate, and I shudder to think what could happen to it. I dont want to call animal control because I am scared it will be put down without a chance of getting a good home. What do you think would be the best course of action?
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Do something, of course - but be discrete and sensible about it.

Feed the cat, but do not draw attention to it. Feed on objects that blend in with the surroundings. Folded newspaper, broad leaves, and black plastic trays from frozen microwaveable meals are all good options. A bright colored plastic or shiny metal bowl would be a bad option. Put the food in a semi-hidden location so people won't notice things. And clean up after yourself. One thing many people do is put the food out first thing when they get up in the morning and clean up the leftovers when they're leaving for work, but whatever schedule works for you is fine. Just keep in mind that cats are most active near dawn and dusk

When you are ready to trap, go for it - but never, never leave a trap unattended. You don't have to stand right there the whole time but definitely don't leave a trap out overnight or when you are not at home. Stay nearby (indoors is fine, just go out every 20 mins or so to check) so you can get the cat in ASAP once he is trapped.
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If I were you I would follow semi's instructions, they are quite good and on the mark. You never want to call attention to yourself when dealing with strays. For many reasons, but the number one reason is stray cats are easy targets for sick individuals.

When you have two days off in a row, set about trapping this cat. You might want to devise a drop trap they are sometimes easier for the cat to accept. That way you have to monitor it and you will be able to get the cat quickly and get it out of harm's way.

Thank you for caring-
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Will do guys, I will start feeding in the morning.
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