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I'm amazed

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Today I went into PetSmart to pick up some new toys for Sophie. Of course, being Saturday, it was APL Kitten Adoption day. My son loves to look at all the babies, so we wandered around, looking in the cages. They had an amazing number of kittens up for adoption today, way more than they had when I adopted Sophie in July. There were 5 kittens in one cage, more often than not! We were getting ready to leave when a man told me there were more cats in a little back room. I didn't want to miss any, so we peeked in, then opened the door. The cats back there were from the Feral Cat Program in Springfield. I met a wonderful lady, Sandy, who told me all about each cat and kitten as if it were her own. She knew every story of each of them! All of these cats were found wild and had been tamed by living in foster care with Sandy. Here's what really made me mad, though. We have the State Fairgrounds in Springfield, which is a lot of land. Apparently, it's become a habit for people to dump cats and kittens out there, to the point where the Feral Cat Program actually has to have a special group that deals solely with these animals. Is this not crazy? What is wrong with people??? Anyway, we ended up talking for almost an hour (my 3 year old son did NOT appreciate this, kittens or no kittens LOL). I told her all about TCS and about my experience with Sunni, as well as all the other cats and kittens that have come into my life out here. I ended up telling her that I will help with the program in any way I can. I don't have a lot of extra time, with the boys, the animals and Joe being gone so much, but I just need to do something for all of these abandoned animals. I'll keep you all posted as to what happens. I'm not even sure what I can do, but we exchanged numbers and I'm sure I'll be hearing from her. Part of me is nervous, hoping that there is something I can do to help but being afraid of commiting to more than I can do! Any ideas or suggestions for someone who can only volunteer on a sporadic basis? I want to do so much more! Thanks for listening here.....I'm still in a "kitty fog" from seeing all those babies in need of homes today!
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Bless you for being willing to care so much!! I'm sure that there is so much use for even sporadic help, such as feeding ferals for someone who wants to miss a shift or two; transporting kitties to the vets' or to other rescue groups. With toddlers in tow, your time is already spread thin and I salute you for being such a wonderful animal advocate! Maybe you could even do some office work for them, maybe helping to type newsletters on your comp, or so other telecommuting. I will say prayers & send {{vibes}} for success in your mission. I am sure that just taking the time to go to the back room and discussing the situation to the other foster mom made her burden so much lighter; you are a ray of hope and your Sophie Grace is just prettier by the day - I LOVE looking at her new pic! AWESOME
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Well, if you adopt some ferals, they don't take much time. And I am sure there is the occasional cat or kitten who is not able to be tamed. I foster, and my plan is only two litters per year. I know lots of people foster LOTS, but I just don't have that kind of energy!

You can foster Momma cats, or older kittens, there are lots of opportunities. And each cat or kitten is so incredibly sweet!
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I think some people don't realize how much you can do as a volunteer. Of course most groups can always use foster parents, but how are you at web research? Or calling around? Can you do any web editing? Can you you proof read things? Can you pass fliers around/take them to stores? Make a few calls? Send out a few letters?

Of course I don't know what this particular group needs. But I started helping out a local feral group myself. I'm far too much an indoor cat myself to be out there trapping much, but I can help them set up their website better! So that's how I help them out.

As for the dumping, I really hate how willing people are to create problems, and then dump them on other people.
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