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my cat thinks im dead!

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Whenever I fall into a deep sleep or even just take a nap, my husband watches as our 3 year old cat who is very domimate but loving,(on her terms) becomes obsessed with weather I seem to be alive or not! She walks all over my body, nudging my body with her forhead, which is her signal for telling me she loves me when I am awake. But when I am sleeping, it's like she is trying to wake me up! This behavior goes on until I awake, or whe gets some kind of movement from my sleeping body. Does she think I am dead? Is she worried? Or is she just being a selfish brat? She is the kind of dominate cat who thinks she is a queen,but she is very loving.But,it's wierd as hell.:tounge2: does she think I am dead?
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I think she is checking on you and taking advantage of this quiet mommy loving time!
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It sounds like she's trying to get some love/play time in while you are sitting still. Now, if you could just teach her to curl up and take a nap with you
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HI mike my cat does the same thing to me when i am sleeping.
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Our cat does this too. He walks over us, purrs a lot, & curls up against us when we are settling in to sleep. I think cats do this because they want cuddling, petting, and attention.
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Fitz does the same thing--he walks over me and then settles in--he'll sleep for a couple of hours then he starts playing--chasing his tail and trying to wake me up--Thursday night he actually slept through the night with me!
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My older cat used to do this too, then I exiled him from my bedroom for several weeks and that cured him of the problem. He knows that if he wants to stay in the room he had better leave me alone. :o)
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