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Time well wasted

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Tonight I was able to get in some well deserved me time. The boys went fishing and camping for tonight so I have spent my evening watching movies (Return of the Pink Pather) and eating ice cream...with my dearest Reilly on my lap..

Oh it's so nice to unwind!!

What do you guys do to unwind??
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Lately it's been spending ten minutes a day on TCS. Currently I am sitting in my PJ pants watching TV and surfing TCS!
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I love to read. Currently, I have expended my reading material (there isn't one book left in the house that I haven't read at LEAST once), so I'm spending a lot of time on here. Yesterday I renewed my membership to Doubleday Book Club, which means 7 books are on their way. YAY!!!
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I read and crochet. although the crochet may turn into more of a buisness type deal. Steve thinks i should make crochet kitty beds..and blankets..since i am making them for all the kits here *tehehe*
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I adopt a position on the sofa watching t.v. and Sophie always joins me on my lap
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I kick back in my huge recliner with Dexter & Sadie & read or watch TV.
We all fit in that great, wonderful....ugly chair.
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I usually like to read while cuddling with Sash by my side.
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Hot Bath with a good book and a glass of vino or ice water... I also cross stitch or crochet if I don't feel like the tub.
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I watch T.V or a movie with a bowl of popcorn.
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Watching tv or reading a book with a tub of ice cream sound ideal to me!!
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I like to play Zoo Tycoon 2 (while Cosette tears my computer chair to shreds ) or watch whatever movies are On Demand.
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Originally Posted by Cyber Cat
I watch T.V or a movie with a bowl of popcorn.
this is a great Suggestion! .........

Read lirycs of some songs and clean my Starwars Toys! ...
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