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Temptation Island II

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Has anyone been watching it lately, and did you see the last 2 shows? What do you think about how Edmundo & Tommy reacted when they saw their girlfriends in an intimate moment with one of the single guys? Personally, I think Catherine, Nicole and the new chick deserve better boyfriends ....... Edmundo is a sleeze-ball. I dont know about Shannon ...... she seems weird. An engineer that I used to work with at work, met her prior to the show, and I guess she is an extremely insecure girl. And, it does show!
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Tigger....I watched the first one or two episodes, I was really trying to give it a chance, but then I quit because it is on at the same time as one of my other shows, so I haven't seen the rest of it.
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I couldn't watch it because CSI is on at the same time.

would you say it was better than the first one? That one I did see. I actually saw Valerie at a party in L.A. last year. She was one of the girls who had been hired to walk around with drinks in a hooter-esque outfit
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I never got into the first one ...... I just happend to catch this one because of the follow-up to the wedding from last season's! This one, though, is pretty good, if you ask me!
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I normally watch every week, but for some reason I forgot to watch it last Thursday. I am so mad at myself! Oh well they normally give a good recap of the previous show at the beginning. Is this week the final one?
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Did you watch Thursday's show? Who do you think Catherine is going to pick? In a way, I hope she picks Rossi as her final date. He is cuter than Brian, imo.

I think next weeks show is the end, but I'm not sure. I can't wait for the end, though!
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I hope she picks Rossi too. I think Brian is playing her. I loved how the guys got all upset by the videos - they have done exactly the same things. It is like only they have the right to stray. There are 2 more wks of the show left. Next week, the girls pick their final dates & we see most of the final dates & then on Feb 14 (how ironic to have the final episode on Valentine's Day) is final bonfire when we find out who gets back together. Do you think anyone is?
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I don't know ........ I am betting Nicole/Tommy & Catherine/Edmundo break up. I'm not to sure about Shannon/John(?). If you ask me, just by the way Shannon acts, she is very insecure about her relationship.

Isn't the island beautiful, though? I'd love to go to Costa Rica ..... or any tropical island like that!
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I think that Shannon/John will stay together, & I think that Shannon will propose to John. Nicole/Tommy are splitsville as are Edmundo/Catherine (she deserves better). I can't remember the other coples name but I think that they will get together & break up in a few months.

I'll go with you to any tropical island. It is very cold here today!
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Oh, ya, I forgot about the other couple! What do you think of them? I think the guy is kind of a slimball ..... the girl seems to be cool. All of the girls deserve better.
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I find the other couple really wierd. He seems like a player, yet he still wants her to do something better with her life - he doesn't want her to be a bartender - he thinks he can do better. She is older then he is by about 5 years & is content, even happy with her job (he is a cop, I think). I don't think she is ready to settle down & be content with a home and not a party life.
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Here's the web site: Temptation Island II in case you are interested.
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