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Cat loyalty ?

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I was reading few book about different cat breads and it was rating among other things loyalty of different breads. And some breeds were rated as high as 9 out of 10. I don't understand how that pertains to cats. I am sure that with MOST cats if someone else will start feeding them and petting them they will not resist if that person will take them away. And they will not try to comeback to original owner. I am not talking about some exceptional stuff you hear one or twice on tv where some cat traveled have a country to comeback when it got lost. So what is this loyalty they are talking about ?
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My dog Jello lived his first 7 years with someone else. I fed him and petted him and he has not tried to go back to his original owner. He is a dog.
When I am on business trips, I have a stranger that feeds and pets my cats. None go with the stranger when I return.
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what were some some cats breads that were on the high end of loyalty im curious.
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yes, can you post a list, i'm very intersted!
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I don't remember now, i read a book in a book store. I may be there next week and then i will look it up. It had about 10 treats per breed, but i just don't get what loyalty means. People are not loyal. What is behavior difference between not loyal breeds and most loyal? I just don't get it.
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Buy the book and find out where the author is coming from. Each book out there is a perception of the person who wrote it. Perhaps the author had some interesting life experiences that she thought would be worthy to share. Is the book self-published? That is a big clue as well.
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No, commercially published and very well made. But I couldn't find explanation of "loyal"
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I've read in books, too, speaking of certain breeds of cats as being very "loyal" and I always figured it was attachment. Cats get attached to their people, some more so than others I suppose. I really don't think they mean loyalty in human terms.
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