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Hair Ball Question (i think)

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Im new here, so if i am posting something in the wrong forum, im sorry...just let me know...

I have a cat (Prada) she is a year old...short hair....she constantly grooms herself, but she has never spit up a hairball. Lately she has been "dry heaving"/caughing and it sounds like something comes up but she swallows it...and never "throws up". I assumed it was a hairball and got her some over the counter stuff and followed the directions (this was last weekend) and today it seems to be getting worse. The dry having used to accure once a week or less then that, so far today she has done it twice. She isnt crying, she is eating normally...nothing else has changed except her doing this. I am going to make her a vet appointment on Monday, but does this sound like hairballs....or something else. Please respond...she is our baby...and we are worried sick about her.

Thank you,

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It sounds like it could be a hairball?, but keep a close eye on her until you get her to see the vet.

If it is hairballs my vet gave me "Laxitone" which is a paste to help them get rid of the fur when they poop.

I wouldn't use over the counter meds though
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Thank you. Over the counter meds was my only choice in helping her this week...and I felt like I needed to do something. I cant wait til Monday gets here...and I can make her an appointment. Like I said, everything else is fine...she is eating normally and everthing, we hate when our baby isnt feeling good (lol). Thanks for such a quick response!
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Does your vet do a 24 hour emergency service?
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Sounds like you are doing all you can since you are unable to get her into a vet. It does sound like a hairball. Has she vomited anything that looks like a "turd" (I know - crude, but true) but is hair? Hope the vet is able to confirm for you soon
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chloe did the same thing before her hairballs. i fed her hairball food and treatments. i think they just delayed the coughing it up.

she coughed about 5 up and hasnt had any the past few months
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Thank you for your replies, Andrew and I are feeling a lot better knowing this seems to be a normal thing for a hairball....in all of the year we had Prada she never threw up anything that looked like a "turd" (everyone i know that has cats told me this is what i hairball looks like) I just feel bad for her because i know how bad "dry heaving" makes you feel....so I can just imagine for her. I am really happy I found this site...Ill keep you all posted on Prada....!!!
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This is EXACTLY Miss Kitty's situation. In fact, I use the same words to describe it. It's like dry heaves, and then just as she's about to spit it up she swallows it.

When you gave her the OTC medicine and then "it got worse", I think that is a good thing. It means the medicine was helping her get them up - but the problem I believe (with my kitty, at least) is that she doesn't WANT to spit them up.

You definately should speak to the vet when you can, but mine simply told me to keep up what I'm doing - brushing regularly, hairball food, and the OTC medication. Over time, it has gotten better. She occasionally will have one, but we've gone from once every day or two to once every three weeks or so.

So yes, this can be normal - you obviously want to keep an eye on her, but it's not a cause for terrible alarm as long as she is eating and using the litter box. I know it can be scary - the first time it happened I thought she was having a seizure! There are also many hairball treats out there - my kitty loves them because they have a crunchy outside and a sort of gooey inside.

Good luck!

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