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Cymone started sneezing the other day, about 5 times throughout the day. Then it stopped. Then last night and today she has sneezed probably about 25 times. No other symptoms. Eating normally, sleeping normally, normal litterbox habits, and no mucus. Nothing has changed around the house or with her food or sleeping areas.

Any ideas what it could be? I thought perhaps an allergy, but what would have triggered it so suddenly? And what could she be allergic to that wouldn't have affected her sooner??

I haven't called the vet yet, seeing as she doesn't seem ill in any way. But I guess if it continues I will have to. If anyone has any opinions I'd love to hear them!! Thanks.
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You are right, it could be something she sniffed and now is sneezing. It could just be something in the air. Sometimes when they clean themselves they get hair in their noses and AHCHOO.
I would just watch and see if there is any eye problems or a runny nose. If she is going to show signs it would be in the next few days. Then I would make an appt for the vet.
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As always, thank you Sandie. She is still sneezing up a storm, but seems to be feeling fine. She even curled up in my lap a while ago for a nap, and then got up and polished off almost an entire can of Friskies chopped chicken. YUMMY!!

I'll keep an eye on her, but I think its something in this Cape Cod air!!!!!!!!
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I'm having the same problem with my cat Wylie. He sneezes all the time but so do I. I have bad allergies, I think he does too. His nose isn't runny, his eyes are fine, eating normal, sleeping normal, everything normal, but the sneezing. If you find anything out let me know. Wylie even had his checkup recently and was given a clean bill of health.
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I know what you mean. Cymone was just spayed and had all her shots etc about a month ago. I swear she is allergic to my other cat!!!!:laughing: Sometimes she goes all day without sneezing once, then other times its constant. But no other symptoms.........weird, huh???

If I find out anything I'll let you know, but in the meantime, I guess I'll just keep the kleenex out!!!
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Daniela, any runny nose?? My kitty has Upper respiratory problems..could it be that?
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No Joce, no runny nose. No symptoms at all whatsoever.....but it seems to have stopped in the past couple of days trememdously.

Thanks everyone!!
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When I was painting, Jake started to sneeze - are you doing something in the house like that or something???/
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