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What amusing things does your cat do?

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My cat acts sort of strange when loving up on my husband or I. She has to rub up on us or sleep near us when it is just one of us with her. If another person comes in the room she immediately jumps off the bed or wherever else she is. It seems like she doesn't want to get "caught" giving love to someone....lol. She also doesn't eat her canned food unless my husband watches her. If he walks away, she will run to him and meow until he gets up. She then runs to her food dish and inhales all her food. I was wondering if anyone else had something to share about their cat's amusing behavior, especially since every cat has their own little personality.
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As my husband showers and gets ready for bed at night, one of my cats will sit by the door screaming. Then she follows him up and down the bed as he sets his arlarm and turns off the light.
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Well, you mentioned food....I'm having a problem getting Mellie to eat wet food because she won't eat it unless I'm right there petting her and encouraging her to eat it. When I leave the room she stops eating. I don't find it at all amusing!!
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Originally Posted by coaster
Well, you mentioned food....I'm having a problem getting Mellie to eat wet food because she won't eat it unless I'm right there petting her and encouraging her to eat it. When I leave the room she stops eating. I don't find it at all amusing!!
My Tigger is the opposite... she won't eat if someone is in the room! If I walk into the room while she's eating she gives me a dirty look, so I say "I'm sorry", and I turn around and leave. She also won't use her litter if there is someone in the same room.

Another amusing thing she does... when I'm in the shower she sits on the edge of the tub between the two curtains. She meows a few times as she waits her turn. Then when I'm done I leave the tap dripping a bit... she climbs in and licks the drips for a few minutes. In the process she gets water all over her paws, tail, face, belly, etc, but she doesn't seem to care.

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My little one 5 month old Tobie loves my mom and dads lil'Yorkie dog Tiara. We have to bring him to visit her everytime we go to visit! The lil'dog refuses to play with any other dog but loves Tobie...its too cute... I have to post pix....they get a long soo good together....and play for hours.....I know when we go to visit we are going to have a good night sleep that night....and so are my parents, because they play til they are falling asleep!!!!
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If you walk into the kitchen, I don't care what time of day or night it is, Sophie runs in there and starts chowing down her dry food from her bowl. We always laugh and tell her we aren't coming in to steal her food!
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When Cleo wants us to wake up in the morning she has her human wake up technique. She starts by purring and sniffing our ears, which tickles like crazy. Then she bats us in the face, claws retracted thankfully. If none of that works, she will grab a clump of hair in her mouth and pull until we wake up. Of course, I use the word 'we' loosely because it's mainly me that gets woken up by the Cleo alarm. Hubby has only had his hair pulled once.
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Spot steals (literally!) bread and pastry products. He loves them with a passion and will rip into bags to get to them. He also loves greasy junk food and will pull the greasy napkins out of the bags. It's been really hot here lately. Since we don't have air conditioning, he started hopping into the refrigerator whenever I open the door.

Willow will snuggle under the covers or into warm laundry even if it's 90 degrees inside. She also likes to lick my hair until she gets one strand...then she chews on it. She's learned that I will almost always wake up and attend to her needs (usually by filling the food bowl).
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My cat HATES closed doors, she'll meow and meow like her life has just come to an end until the door is opened (not that she has to be in the same room when the doors are opened, she just doesn't like the fact that she's not able to be in the room).

If I call her name, Aphro, in an excited whisper, she'll bob her head in circles and meow.

Everytime I shower, she has to be in the bathroom with me, either sitting on the edge of the tub or next to it... then when I'm done, she jumps in to inspect if I've gotten the tub wet enough?!

Her internal clock says it's breakfast time at between 7-8am.. even on weekends!!!

She sleeps on her back.. all sprawled out (do other cats do this? I thought it was only a dog thing)

She loves to sleep in potted plants.. digging for a comfy spot first!! grr

Oh.. I love my Aphro puff
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Well I just got Pansy so I'm still discovering her little quirks.

The big ones: she bounces with all fours on me at 6am, little mouse toy in mouth, and will sit there and stare at me until I play fetch with her. Throw the toy, bring it back, throw the toy, bring it back...I swear she's part dog.

Making Muffins; she does this constantly. even while she's sitting still, watching something. She kneads everything. She still won't sleep on my lap, but she jumps up on it, standing on my lap with her front paws on my chest and kneads like there is no tomorrow until it's sore there.

She also thinks the cat in the mirror is someone else. Constantly tries to sneak up on herself.
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I have had Bandit and susie for nearly 3 weeks now,

Bandit is the old man (he's 16) and he likes notihng better than sleeping but it can't be on his bed it has to be on what ever i have just put down, newspapers books cell phones anything really. He is also very protective of me come bedtime and tries to sleep between me and hubby.

Susie is the opposite, she blames me cause i had to take her to the vet for some shots she adores hubby tho and follows him everywhere even to the shower, she still tries to climb in then runs and hids when she gets wet but then does the same the next day, she never learns. Susie also likes to sleep in the strangest places like inside drawers or cupboard of on top of my kitchen units. she is all black semi long hair so it saves me dusting i suppose
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Pixie's new thing is to flip through the pages of any book that may be sitting around and then either knock it on the floor or swat at it. I think she's upset bc she can't read, lol. I keep telling her that it's not her fault she's illiterate, but she doesn't seem amused.
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Nico is DEMANDING when he wants to get on my lap. Even if I have my kneess up, with a book or binder open, even if I am writing something and there is no more than a few inches of space to move into, he will wedge himself onto me, forcing me to give up whatever I am doing.

My lap- his schedule.
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If I get up in the morning without letting Buddy give me some loving, he protests very loudly. When I walk into the bedroom, he will follow, jump on the bed and start talking until I lay down and cover up so he can snuggle up on top of me. He looks at me adoringly and is very persistant.
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Amusing things my cats do...

Snickers, without fail, will sleep on my body pillow, right up next to my face. He'll sometimes curl his front paws around my arm ("holding" me). When it's gettin time to wake up (this morning it was 5:51am), he will nibble my nose, paw at my hair or face and make these LOUD trilling noises!

Hammie, if you're at the sink? HAS TO be ON the sinktop with you. He not only wants the faucet on (he'll bat at it til you turn it on) but he also wants to put his butt in your face, and stare back at ya with these wide, lovelorn eyes.

Dusty gets a wild hair sometimes and will break out of Princess Mode long enough to growl, bite & beat the crud out of her toy birdies. She goes from Princess to Predator in a minute flat if she's bored.

Zorro can be found belly-up in the center of any room or under a table any day of the week... it's funny to walk into a room or come up the stairs & see a big ol fat white belly & four paws sticking in the air!
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When Cassie was younger, she would start to knock things over that were sitting on the night stand (like glasses, magazines, books, etc) to wake us up...there would be no food in her bowl, so we'd feed her (I know, it reinforces the behavior, but it would be like 3 in the morning and there was NO stopping her!!!) and she'd just look at her bowl...and walk away!!! We'd call it "Get up and feed me."

She would also follow me into the bathroom in the middle of the night, and attack my feet as I was sitting down!!! Now, she rolls around like Madonna on the floor, being all sexy cat!

Napoleon has his own version of "get up and feed me" now. Charlie's alarm goes off every morning at 5 am...he will hit snooze until 5:15. As soon as Napoleon hears the alarm go off...he runs to the bed, sits on our pillows and meows like crazy till we get up!!!
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Josie has all kinds of funny quirks:

When she was little she'd try to find the kitty in the mirror. She'd run around the other side of the wall looking for the other kitten. She decided she likes her dry food wet. So, she splashes water out of her water bowl until the food is soft enough to her liking. Then she won't drink out of the water bowl, she insists on drinking out of a cup on the bathroom counter. She jumps into the shower after I get out to inspect it. When she thinks I'm supposed to get up in the morning, she'll knock items off the dresser b/c she knows I'll yell at her, she'll bat at the miniblinds b/c she knows I'll yell at her, and if neither of those work, she'll pull my hair until I get up.
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My cat Halo has a little habit of playing with her food before eating it. She'll bat around one piece for a while and eventually eat it. But we have discovered she is keeping a "stash" under the rug in the kitchen. Apparently she's concerned about having some reserves in case we don't come home some day. She also loves sleeping on her back as you can see here....

Our other cat Turbo loves to be on her back too. I've never had cats that enjoy sleeping on their backs before!

Does anyone else have a cat that enjoys watching TV? I have caught Halo watching TV numerous times. She just stares at the screen. One day my husband put her on a kitchen chair in front of the TV because he thought her neck would get sore staring up at the TV.
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When I get home from work everyday Gracie meets me at the front door. After purrs and kisses she runs right back up the stairs and heads for the litterbox. It's like she's been holding it until mommy got home!
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I'm sure a lot of cats do this, but both of mine have become social pee-ers...if mom's gotta go, so do they! :-)
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Freckles will sit next to the water bowl and stare, either at the bowl or at me (if he wants fresh water). Bob has been known to put his paws on the remote control. He did it once when I was watching a really bad movie, as if to say "turn it off!"
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Originally Posted by eilcon
When I get home from work everyday Gracie meets me at the front door. After purrs and kisses she runs right back up the stairs and heads for the litterbox. It's like she's been holding it until mommy got home!
Harley does the same thing! He usually is under our bed when we get home from work at night (and at noon for lunch) but when he hears the door he will come running and meowing and then when we pick him up he will give us both a kiss and then he runs away, just like he missed us! The other day when I didn't make it home for lunch, he was by my side all night long! Even when I was in the bathroom he would sit by the door screaming til I opened it and then it was loving time again!
He also loves to play in front of my bedroom mirror--he will run around to the back of it and then sit and stare and then run around again as if he's looking for the cat in the mirror! Haha, funniest thing to watch! I think someone else posted with the same thing! Kitties are just too cute
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Sweety loves people and will do almost anything we ask her to! She loves being the focus of attention, especially for a photo shoot, holding a pose is one of her specialties!
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Ruth and Katy hate it when I'm on the computer or reading mail. They start biting my toes and I have to stop and sit in "my" chair to watch them do nothing! My poor husband is not able to read anything when they're in the same room!!! One of their favorite toys is bubble wrap...they love to pounce on it and break the bubbles.
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Those are funny little stories!!

Reilly has some weird things that he does too..

He sleeps on my hair at night or on my back or side..anywhere that is on my body

He likes to lick your hair...which is gross cuz mine is long

He watches me take a bath (perv kitty!!)
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Oh and another thing Cassie would do...in the middle of the night, she would *claim* my boyfriend as her own, and she would lay on his chest, purring so loudly it made his chest vibrate, and she would put her butt right next to his face!!! It was quirky, funny and cute
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Beautiful pics, cheers to Reilly & Tracy!
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Mikey enjoys it when I talk to him. He even responds to me by meowing. It amazes me how many different ways he finds to meow. He also gets jealous of my boyfriend. Mikey always tries to find a way to seperate us when were sleeping or just sitting on the couch. Although the jealousy does go both ways.
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Scooter is so silly. He likes to walk in front of me, and when I tell him to move, he flops on his back, wiggles his butt, and waves his paws. When he does not get his way, he will sit in the middle of the room, hunch is shoulders, lower his ears, and let out a LOUD meow. If I massage my sweetie instead of petting him while we watch tv in bed, he gets jealous, and will not be petted until we stop touching.
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Singa and Chica were sooo cute yesterday- I have to share thi with you!

There is this coffee table in the living room with a glass top and some space underneath to fit in magazines. The kittens can also fit in if they duck down a bit.
Chica was on top of the coffe table and Singa jumped underneath the glass. Singa tried to chase Chica's tail from beneath the glass and chica tried to catch Singa's tail from the top.

What a sight! I just couldn't stop laughing at the confused faces when they always bumped their paws against the glass and could never reach the other's tail
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