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Mission Responsible

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And the winners are~~~~~~~~~~~~

First Place Maverick Kitten for her slogan- "Don't Litter, Spay and Neuter Today!"

In Second Place~~~~~

dickandleah with her slogan

Keep Strays and Bay, Neuter and Spay!

Would the winners please either PM or email me-

Congrats and thanks to all of you for caring enough to enter this contest!

For the time being, the contest forum is closing. It will reopen sometime again in the near future-
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congrats everyone!
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Those two were my favs! Yay!
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Congratulations. Excellent slogans.
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Congrats to you both!!!
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Well done both of you!!
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Ok looks like Nicky wants the basket, which leaves Leah with the cat condo. Both members, I need your physical addresses and Nicky also send me your phone number, but don't expect me to call you! Mike would shoot me for sure!

Those of you pm'ing me about the closing of the contest forum- please understand that right now it is not feasible to run it. It takes a lot of time, and fresh ideas are needed for contests as well as new sponsors. It will be back, it's just on haitus right now-
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Congratulations to the winners.
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WOOOO! Way to go guys!!!!
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Thanks everyone now where on earth am I going to put that thing. It looked huge and I just bought a 7 footer.
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You can donate it to a shelter Leah
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Good Idea MA.
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Congratulations to you both!
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You could donate it to me! LOL!!!! A shelter is a great idea too MA!
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Way to go, Nicky and Leah! Great slogans!
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Another thought if you do not have room for the cat tree, you can leave it so that it may be used for another contest..... and again very clever slogans guys!
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Congrats y'all- those are wonderful slogans!
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