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A vet trip I am not looking forward to!

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This evening I took Bagpuss to the vet as her gums are looking a little red and a bit sore. I took her and the vet asked if she had ever had a blood test and I said no why. He said that her gums are infected and normally this is the first sign of kidney problems. So she is going in for a blood test tomorrow morning and they are going to call me if there is anything found to be wrong with her the start of kidney problems. If nothing is found she will go on to have her teeth scaled. Hopefully she will be all okay because I do not want to be the one to make a hard decision!!!! Anyways keeping positive - hope that there is nothing wrong with her!
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Your vet kind of has that backward. It is my understanding that severe infection in the gums and teeth can result to the infection spreading to the kidneys or liver. If you have the house plant diffenbachia in your home, and kitty chews on it, her gums will bleed because the plant leaves will irritate them. I give my cats dog biscuits to keep their teeth clean, and it works quite well. Thinking good thoughts for Bagpuss and you.....
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I hope everything will be alright with BagPuss....sending thoughts your way. Let us know.
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I will be thinking good thoughts for you guys. Don't get into a panic just yet. There are so many minor things that can lead to this. I know waiting is the worst!!
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I hope Bagapuss will be ok!
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My thoughts are with you and Bag Puss. I hope all the test come back fine.
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Amanda - praying for Bagpuss here!
Please let us know how you make out!
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The waiting is the worst part! Waiting for test results in bad enough, waiting to see somebody is doubly frustrating. Sure hope everything turns out okay!
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Thinking Good thoughts for you and Bagpuss!
I know its hard, but try not to get yourself all worked up, it's probably something minor, and you and your furball will have many happy, healthy years ahead of you!
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Positive thoughts are being sent your way Amanda! Please keep us posted how Bagpuss is coming along

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:angel2: Here's hoping everything will turn out alright. I will say a kitty prayer for you.
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hey everyone thanks for being there for me when I was so worried about Bagpuss. LAst night I did not sleep a wink, kept waking up to cuddle Bagpuss and tell her I love her and that she is so special to me and I will do anything to make sure she is okay.

Well I took her and basically in a nut shell, she had an infection in her gums - it looked like she had a had a cut and it had somehow gotten infected and that was the problem.

The vet said that she had some minor plaque on her teeth so I told her to scale her teeth, unfortunatley because the infection was bad under 3 teeth they had to remove them but she is home now and she is on medication for 5 days and soft food - so plenty of tuna and fresh fish is coming her way....

I am the happiest mum right now
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She will be fine even missing a few teeth. Can you say baby food? *G*
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I'm so glad it was something fairly simple to take care of!

I hope Bagpuss is feeling better soon.
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Amanda- I am really excited to hear that! I have been checking back to see if you updated us!!! My kitty had 4 teeth extracted a while back and softfood is the result- however, he remains happy as can be! I am really happy for you and your baby!
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That is the best news.....way to go Bagpuss!!!!
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That is good news! Now bagpuss will be feeling better in no time
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I am so glad your baby is going to be ok. Soon Bagpuss won't even miss the teeth!
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Amanda... that is great news about Bagpuss! I'm so glad it wasn't anything real serious!
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well Bagpuss is doing fine although she is having some problems eating - she is not eating her biscuits that I am having to soak in water...seems she wants Tuna and gormet kitty food......I thought a treat after the surgery was in order but jees that has to stop - LOL she is very cunning looks at me with those big sad beer colour eyes and like says mum my teeth hurt I want the good food!!! I do hope that she gets onto the normal food soon!
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I am happy to hear that Bagapuss is ok!
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:flash: :LOL:
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YIPPEEEEEE!!! Hugs to Bagpuss!!!

Hugs to you too Amanda!!

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