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From Mods to Members 8/26/05

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MaryAnne and I have decided to start a feature that will update members on stuff going on around the forums and put it in the Lounge, since many members land here.

Once again, it's time for the reminder of what to do when trolls register and posting inappropriate things:

1. Use Report Post feature. It's this: in the upper right corner of every post on the board. When you click this an email goes to the mods of the particular forum and the admins. You get to explain what the problem is. We get an exact link to the post.

2. PM a mod who you see online. Please, please, in your PM link to the thread and/or the troll's profile. It is so amazingly hard to act when all you give is partial information.

3. Put the offender on Ignore. Click on the username in any post. In the profile is a place to add the person to your ignore list. Please do NOT respond in their threads. The more replies, the more they know they are successful. If you think posting to a troll and telling him he's being a jerk or is sick or gross is going to stop him, you couldn't be more wrong. Ignore and sit tight until help arrives.

Thank you.
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Also please don't post and ask for mod help. We get online as soon as we can in the day and giving them more attention feeds into their mindless games. With twelve mods on the squad now- and the new ones learning the ropes quite well, we can address this issue quickly enough if you use the report feature.
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While we are on the subject, 'bumping' threads is a moderator function.
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Just wanted to thank those of you who did use the report post feature- Good job!
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Oh....I was looking for just such a thing earlier..!!! Good to know.
Thanks for the good work gals (and guys!)

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Ok folks, signatures are getting out of hand again. Just so you know that you are not alone or being picked on, I have edited and sent out over 20 PMs today alone on signatures.

Here are the guidelines. Checking, contacting, editing, and re-checking is an extremely time-consuming process. We really need for all members to make sure their own signatures meet guidelines. The only way I know of for this to be fair to all is to have a standard (we do) and hold everyone to it. Please don't be hurt or angry if your signature just turns up gone or edited with no explanation. It means it was too big, or there was too much of it. I am asking for you to police yourself so I won't have to.
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Just wondered - people like Sam, me, and all those australians are on a different timezone - I noticed that when we come on in the evenings, everyones gone to bed, if that is the case, who do we report to if the mods are in bed since the majority of them are in the USA?
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Kelly just hit the report button- we have 13 mods now, and some are up quite late- Fran, Steph, myself, and Ryan. Susan is on when we aren't and we are installing more mods into the control panel now so they will all get the report email when sent. The trolls hit the top three forums instead of the lounge so only a few mods got the alerts-
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Aha! Thanks for explaining Mary Anne!
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Well you guys and gals must do a really good job because I dont think I've ever seen a "troll" thread or post ever on here. Keep up the good work!

(And I've always wondered what the funny little button in the corner was for! Now I know)
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Cheers for that!
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To everyone who has been asking and searching - Caption This is up and running again!
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Way to go, Deb!
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It has been decided that links to other forums within the main body of the threads are no longer permissible. This will also hopefully stop some of the board wars that people sometimes try to instigate here. But regardless of the forum topic or focus, it will not be allowed and the thread will be deleted.
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Does this mean non-TCS forums - or other forums on TCS?
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No it means other forums that are not TCS- not links from the health forum in the behavior forum (for example)
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It is said that there are no dumb questions, so here goes...what are board wars?
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Originally Posted by xocats
It is said that there are no dumb questions, so here goes...what are board wars?
Bad mouthing another forum. Those people on the other forum can read what was written about their forum, and get offended. They defend their boards, tell their boards what was said on our boards, and the boards are at each other's throats.
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Actually, board wars are when there is a fight on another board and a member comes here and posts the link to the fight (usually the topic being fought about is cat -related). Then the poster encourages others to go to over to the link, register on the board and defend the position she supports. It is not something that we encourage and in the past some people have been severely reprimanded for instigating this type of foolishness
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So we can still link a thread from Fur pictures to the Cat Lounge?

I'm confused
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
So we can still link a thread from Fur pictures to the Cat Lounge?

I'm confused
I think what they're trying to say is that you can say, "Hey, check out this thread in Fur Pictures Only! It's cute!"

But you can't say

"OMG! Look at this thread at www.someotherforum.com and tell me what you think! I can't believe what they said!"

Am I right?
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Sam I am talking about forums not on this server. I thought I was clear about it, but my head is muddled. Any forum, not connected to TCS being linked in the main body of a thread is not allowed. You can link to our forums all you want- but other forums will no longer be allowed- Is that clearer?
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Much clearer. My heads pretty muddled too, just had five hours of exams so you can understand!

Thanks for the clarification
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This is a really great thread It's explaining a lot to me! I look forward to reading more here.

Silly Jilly
P.S. sorry about just bumping the mailing list thread, didn't know about that rule! (My Bad)
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Great advice thank you - I didn't realise we had been targeted again, God there are some idiots out there.

You guys are awesome big claps to you all!!

PS - Deb I'm just going to forfeit any signature until I get it right...lol!!!
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Yes, all you mods are doing an EXCELLENT job at keeping TCS just THE best site on the Web!
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From time to time you may find that your threads will vanish from the board. Chances are there is mod activity around this magic act, and it may or may not be something you did. If your thread vanishes, please do not repost it.

If you were in error, a moderator will contact you (usually via PM).

On the same note, sometimes members will vanish as well.

This is a transitional board and people do move on, but sometimes there are other aspects working here.

So we would ask that if you wish to inquire about members, do so via PM and not make major inquiries about them on the main board-

Thank you-
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Please do not post copyrighted material: pictures, news stories, etc., that have been lifted from other websites. You may think that stuff on the Web is free for the taking but, it is not. Copying, pasting and uploading copyrighted material to your Photobucket account and reposting here (or any other public site) is against the law and leaves TCS and the poster open to a civil lawsuit. If you find an irresistable picture or interesting article, please just post the link.

Copyrighted material will be removed by the mods. As always, your own personal photos are welcomed and encouraged.
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Bump for reminders. Please be sure you are familiar with the items discussed here.
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