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help needed!! :)

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i can only type with one hand as lovey is sleeping tiger style across my body and my feet are up. my leg is asleep and the tingly sensation is killing me...

he never sleeps soundly unless he is on me and so i cant move him..

plus he looks so adorable.

i may have to amputate.
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aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww I figured the Scene! ....sooo cute! ..

Yes you mus to amputate your arm! ......

Just kidding! ...

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yes, rigel. I can barely feel my leg or arm now...so that has to be good, right!!

very hard and long to typew one handed!!!

also lovey is no skinny cat!!
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awww the things we do for our kitties. What a lovely picture you painted.
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He's jumped off now...<<<<feeling>>>> slowly returning to limbs..

I said Tiger style because he looked exactly like a Tiger in the zoo laid out high on their perches. (the sideways lie down with the head hanging off the perch and tail flicking...
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That's so cute. I know Joe thinks I'm ridiculous when Sophie is lying on my head in bed and I refuse to roll over to avoid upsetting her.
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Heaven forbid if we ever disturb our kitties!
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Isn't that kind of the weirdest thing though. It does feel good to have a warm kit on your lap though

I will pester my bf to get up and get me a drink or something.

But, no, I won't move.....

He accepts it now, but shudder to think how friends would further mock me if I did it when they are around..

Lucky the kits are too busy either loving on them (rocky) or trying to piss them off (Lovey) that I don't worry about it..
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:P Yeah well at least your cats come and sit on you and lay by you all the time.

Its like a universal crime if elliot is on the bed next to me and I move. He acts like it is an honor of utmost honorableness when he chooses to lay down beside me (usualloy just when I am figuring to turn over)Its like I should find myself a cliff and jump off of it if I so much as twitch to appease His Majesty of the insult I placed upon him by breathing. :P Aerowyn though... I can shove her away and move her and she will come right back. Like a yoyo.

A little, fuzzy, black yoyo.
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Dushka particularly, like to lie on my arm when I am typing, and she growls menacingly if I as much as twitch the arm she is on! She doesn't foolow up on it though, if I keep moving she jumps off with what I can only say is a swear word in Cat.
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Oh, it is hot here, and we don't have AC (air conditioning). So my kitties rarely sit on my lap anymore, and if they do it is just for a few minutes. I don't want summer to be over, but I am looking forward to the kitties jumping on my nice warm lap when it finally cools off!
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Lola is currently asleep (and purring up a storm!) with her head on my little finger mouse pad (I have a notebook compy)...so everytime I need to move my mouse...I can't.
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