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Giving eye medication

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Hi everyone! Billy being the problem child that he is ( ) came up with the area around one of his eyes pretty red the day before I had grad school orientation all morning, and a retreat to staff all afternoon and all that weekend. I managed to make time for a vet visit before the retreat, and she gave me some antibiotic gel to put in his eyes twice a day. She had no problem giving it to him at the clinic, but now he struggles with me when I try and give it to him. Does anyone have any tips for giving a cat eye medication? Thanks in advance!
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When PJ had an eye infection, we had to give her medication. We wrapped her in a towel - one that smelled like us, and also that she had sat on - she likes towels instead of blankets. So one thing I'd think about is if you have any kind of material Billy has sat on a lot, or something that smells like you and therefore, he'll be comfortable with, that might help.

We wrapped her up like a baby - mostly to cover her very long back claws, and then we could either do it as a 2 person process (someone held her eye open, someone applied the strip of medication) - or I was actually able to get good enough to do it myself after some practice. It was kind of like holding a football under my arms, except it was PJ's bottom half.

I'd always let PJ run away and hide afterwards for a few minutes, and then I made sure to give her lots of treats. Eventually, she got used to me doing that, and I think she understood it made her feel better, so over time, she tolerated it better.
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The towel is a good idea, and I also found it to be easier to apply the eye meds by washing my hands in hot water with antibactiera soap then put the ointment on my finger then pulling the lower lid down like a pocket and putting the ointment in the eye then rubbing to two lids together.

If you still have trouble I'd call your vet and have her show you how then let you apply it. Good luck and post how it is going
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Put the ointment on your little finger though, it is easier to get the gunk into the cat's eyes. Then be sure to pull the lid over gently and rub the eye very gently to disperse the ointment
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Gremlin let's me get behind him and i kneel over him so that he is secured between my legs (kneeling). I give him lots of treats afterwards... although he does try to run from me when he sees the drop bottle
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Those are all awesome suggestions! I actually tried the towel trick this morning after he accidently caught my arm with one of his claws, and it worked like a charm. He actually didn't even struggle that much when I put it in. lol The vet showed me how to do it while I was there, and that boy didn't even move a muscle for her. I think he was scared stiff. I'll try using my finger if he keeps fighting me with the towel. Thanks guys! His eye looked less red this morning, so I think its getting better.
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Notice the look of " I give up" in Sophie's face.
I was just updating my signature, as I attempt to continue learning my way around here. I have to laugh every time I see this photo.
It's the infamous towel trick !
Took a few times before I got it down perfectly though.

Glad your fellows eyes are showing improvement already. !

-Pam L-
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