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Kittens moving it Mom's belly

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Hi all!

I have been reading through the forum an it is many times been mentioned the kittens moving inside mom's belly.
Well my kat is almost 8 weeks now and though I can see two 'big hard bubbles' on the mothers belly I have never felt them moving when touching or watch any movemen on her belly other than her breath. Shouldnt I be able to notice something by now? Mom is fine acting fine and eating great! so i guess I dont need to worry right.. but well you know how first timer are heh.


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Maybe you should take her for a x-ray. You should feel something unless mom is too fat to feel them!~!
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Today I spent like 2 hours lying down on the floor with Molly. I was just staring at her tummy as she was napping... well it payed off for I got to see her belly moving. Kittens must be getting active as the big day is coming closer !! There was a little felow that was really kicking!! Mommy looked a bit grumpy afterwards but now she is sleeping deeply and I cant see much movement
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My babygirl, Kooshie is on day 60, and I do the same thing! I just sit there and watch her kittens move as she tosses and turns attempting to get comfy. Ya know they must secretly curse being pregant much as humans do. Kooshie actually looks very grumpy as her days get closer, her ears are consistently flat and I swear she's got bags under her eyes! lol
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Some mother cat do look so miserable those last couple of days! I do know I've had momcats who loved having their tummy gently rubbed those final days. And I got to feel the kittens move.

Funny thing. I love feeling a momcat's belly but hate doing that to a human mom!
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