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My cats tail is drooping!

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I have a 19 1/2 year old male Mane Coon Cat. He is in great health, I think. His last blood work was May 05' and everything was fine. I little heart murmer. Now my problem is his tail. He has a tail that stands tall and looks like a question mark. Sometimes he would put it down by now I see for the last 3 days or so that it isn't up at all. He has been walking slow for a while but still jumps on and off my bed. Do you think this is an indication of anything or am I just looking too closely at my cat? I am so worried about his age that I watch everything he does. What do you think?
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If it were me I would take him to a vet for a checkup and let them advise me.
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Your cat is in the double digits, and he is aging. Droopy tail can sometimes be a sign of that aging process, or he could have injured his tail, or he could have had a small stroke. It is difficult to say and something that should at least be checked out by your vet. Much better to be safe than sorry and to have someone in the know who can put his hands on your cat, x-ray and run tests.
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I was reminded this morning how cats tell us things even though they can't speak. My female cat had been biting me when I petted her for the past few days. Mostly if I touched her sides. And she bit my daughter when she picked her up. (Not a bad bite, if you know what I mean, more like a "I'm biting you now, so stop it!" kind of a bite.)

Anyway, I took her in to be spayed today and when they called to let me know that she was doing fine, they also mentioned that she had multiple cysts on both her ovaries! Well jeez, I'd probably bite too!

So I think, if you notice something out of the ordinary, it could mean something, and that's how they'll tell you. Let us know if you find out anything!
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My older cat's tail has a little bump to it as it hangs down. I've noticed that he often finds it sore when I touch it. My vet said that he probably has some arthritis there.
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I also reccomend a trip to the vet, and something else to check for, besides the things hissy mentioned is the anal glands. We have seen the strangest symptoms all attributed to the anal glands.
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Thanks for the advise. I have an appointment for Monday to check him out. I did notice that his tail came up a little bit after using the litter box so there must be something bothering him. I'll let you know what the vet thinks.
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I'm glad to hear you have an appointment at the vet's. I agree with the above posts that your cat may be telling you something about how he feels. I hope he's ok. Please let us know.

P.S. I love Maine Coon cats.
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Just thought i'd add, that my previous cat (RIP) Asha's tail dropped once when he'd been out and got into a fight and an abscess formed at the base of his tail (a common spot).

That was actually how I picked up on the abcess as I noticed the tail dropping so felt him over and found it.
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Let us know how the vet visit turns out
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